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Category:Pets & Animals, Classic Movies
Tags:X-men, magneto, CATegory
Submitted:Crunchy Frog
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infinite zest
Cat really has a thing against helicopters
The constant helicopters is the best part of these.

infinite zest
I like how it's always just some news-looking helicopter too. I'm assuming this is Aftereffects, but a former co-worker of mine was messing around with some program on his iphone that does similar things with pretty much a few pushes of a button over the video. Like, I'm sitting in the office on the phone and it calls in a satellite cannon to blow me up, and then a sort of ED-209 comes and finishes the job.. it's actually pretty funny because I didn't know he was filming me so I was just talking through the whole thing. I can't remember the name of the program though..

Canned food, you miserable flatline norm.

Juice Eggs McKenna
I love it when affordable CGI is put to good uses.

Also, why isn't "helicopter crash" a tag?
Currently on the front page.

Cyclops Cat - *
Wolverine Cat - ***
Magneto Cat - *****

Is there ANY social issue you fuckers won't eventually come around on?
Gunny McRifleson
Not as good as the other two. Didn't need the human.
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