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Desc:Piece of ass be upon him {NSFW subtitles}
Category:News & Politics, Religious
Tags:islam, gay, recruiting, isis, not the otin
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Comment count is 12
I know this video is satire but sodomy to stretch the anus in order to place suicide bombs in it is an actual fatwa:

http://goo.gl/xy5PSS (Link goes to a Gatestone Institute International Policy Council page)
Maggot Brain
On the one hand this is incredibly crass and homophobic, but on the other hand "one finger."
That guy
..... I thought the joke was that the people in the video would be enraged that this is what the re-editor made them say.

Is that really homophobic or are you just Mr. Sensitive?

Maggot Brain
Damn, was that the obvious joke!

It's not so much that I'm playing the part of "Mr. Sensitive" is more like I'm wondering parody is also propaganda of a short.

That guy
I'll accept your drunken comment/imbecilic grammar, and I'll suppose it could be both at the same time. Hard to know.

Maggot Brain
I got a really shitty education. "We know that spelling in English is really hard and confusing for you, so in order to fix that we're going to load you up on spelling home work!" What it comes down to is just as long as I don't see a red line underneath the word I'm trying to spell I'm fine but I tend to forget and skip over plurals, possessives, and prepositions. Hell, I didn't know what preposition was until earlier this year.

Congratulations! I remember the first time I got prepositioned. You're becoming a man.

Maggot Brain
God damn it, fuck my grammar!~
"Repeat after me guys"
(all) "Repeat after me guys"
"Not that but whatever"
(all) "Not that but whatever"

PS - Quit trying to dissect why this works. People who hate Tim&Eric and Andy Kaufman try to do that, and those are the worst kind of people.
That was the part that won me over.

>> PS - Quit trying to dissect why this works. People who hate Tim&Eric and Andy Kaufman try to do that, and those are the worst kind of people.

Do not enquire into the mysteries of God's creation; trust in Faith and Faith alone?

I say, if our humor cannot stand up to rigorous lines of scientific scrutiny, then it is not the sort of humor we should be embracing at all.

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