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Desc:Ice might be in the Cube for a while
Tags:vanilla ice, ice ice baby, Check out the hook while my lawyer resolves it, dance party in the elevators
Submitted:infinite zest
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Comment count is 29
Looks like this ice is in the cooler now.
All my stars for that!


I'd say Ice...


...is in some real hot water now.

I know what the other cons are going to do to him in the can... *sunglasses* And it's not going to be vanilla.

The Mothership
Man that's cold. COLD AS ICEEEEEEEEEEE...............
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Anything less than the best is a felony.
Rodents of Unusual Size
He friended me on Facebook like years ago but I never talked to him and he never talked to me. I've always been slightly fascinated by this.

Oh yeah and he's apparently been on POE for years.

how do you know?

how do you know?

I bet it was Waugh.

Come to think of it, a "Van Ice" friended me on Facebook a couple of years ago but I never thought much of it.

Looking at his wall for the first time it actually kinda looks real, I just assumed it was Ceej or Waugh or somebody.

And yes, he has been a member of the PoE Facebook group for a long time.

infinite zest
Oh yeah. I think it was on the poe-news forums or somewhere but he was basically able to prove that he was the actual Vanilla Ice.

Awesome, I missed that.

he was "Support"

Uh oh.
You earned these.

Police man, grabbed a hold of me tightly. Convicts in my rear end daily and nightly.
Heist heist baby

So he'll finally have a legitimate...

* puts on sunglasses *

...rap sheet.

This is me playing armchair detective, but I'm guessing he knew a house was being foreclosed on, his truck was going to be in the vicinity, so he helped himself to some swag figuring nobody would notice or would think the previous owners/looters had made off with anything that was missing.

If you need to do that kind of stuff and you have a TV show, you need a better accountant.
I wonder how much people actually get paid for shows like this, though. I bet it's a lot less than we think. I know non-celebrities are usually lucky to get anything.

Hooper X was on a reality show a few years back, he might be able to shed some light if he hadn't abandoned us WHY GOD WHY COME BACK HOOPER X WE NEED YOU

infinite zest
I used to live across the street from a punk house that was like that. They finally got evicted and everybody just bailed, leaving all their shit, like bikes, DVDs laptops kitchenware and lots of books. These were serious trustafarian/festival kids so they didn't care. Anyway I remember walking by there and seeing the landlord with this look of despair, like "will I get more money if I burn it?" (if he had the amount of weed everywhere would've given all of Southeast Portland a contact high) and I asked him if there was anything I could do to help, since I knew the tenants, and sometimes lived there. He told me to take everything I thought would be of value before he started throwing everything away. So I took the stuff, posted it on facebook and texted and nobody really wanted it. In that case, I had permission from the owner, but I can't say for sure if I'd have done the same without talking to the landlord first as I knew it'd end up in the dump.

What reality show was hooper X on again? I almost did a show called "Alt for Norge" but found a steady job after I auditioned and never got back to them. That would've been 50,000 if you won, but room and board was covered as well as airfare. So, it's kind of like a vacation that you don't pay for, just like when your high school band went to Disneyworld: little time for fun. Celebrities might have it differently, since "Vanilla Ice teaches cooking" sounds more exciting than "Infinite Zest teaches cooking," but I think the money's pretty much the same.

Oh come on, he didn't steal that sofa.

The one in the foreclosed house went SO-so-soso-SOfa, and his goes so-so-so-soso-SOfa.
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