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Desc:a Republican with Autism who sounds like Joe Pesci on helium tells why.
Category:News & Politics
Tags:drinking, autism, rant, homophobia, Chris Jericho
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Comment count is 29
Michael Phelps has really gone off the deep end.
Rodents of Unusual Size
yeah I also remember a time when gays almost never came out, it was hell.

Though bonus points for him being on helium.
infinite zest
Ugh. I couldn't make it more than 30 seconds in but skipped to 2:30 or so when I meant to press pause and saw his little song and dance. Here's what I'm assuming: he's "cool" with the gays but doesn't want them being all so gay all the time? Some shit like that? Let's remember, kid, you're also of a population that a lot of people don't really understand. Maybe people will stop being so "gay" when you stop being so "retarded."

Well hey, maybe he just wants gays to stop acting like queens, and start acting like kings! I mean, think about it: who would you rather get gay with? Yukio Mishima, the badass bodybuilder samurai-poet, or Perez Hilton, the fat gossipy lardbeard? James Randi, the seemingly asexual Wizard of Awesome, or Generic Armflapping Queer from Fashion Show X?

Maybe you've got this guy all wrong; maybe he's just trying to reclaim gay identity for the stoic and the butch?

infinite zest
I have a Yukio Mishima tattoo. It's from a little illustration in one of his novels. Overall it turned out looking more like a piece of broccoli than I intended.. I dunno. I work mostly in the arts and I'm around a lot of gay men and women, and I know exactly zero Perez Hiltons. Hilton being some sort of ad hoc spokesperson for the gay community is like playing the John Cena song every time a straight guy like myself walks into a bar.

infinite zest
That being said, Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrappadoooooo

Rodents of Unusual Size
Perez Hilton has never represented the gay community and it horrifies me he was allowed to adopt children.

James Woods
I laughed so, so fucking hard at this.

How do you even do that voice.
infinite zest
Ask a 1920s mobster.

Boomer The Dog
He sounds like Jerry Louis to me. He could be invited to do movies with a cartoon-ready voice and that accent!


I can't even with this. The final twist at the end. Is this for real?
Gunny McRifleson
The Mothership
OH MY GOD HIS CHANNEL. POETV, we have struck gold here!
Glad he told us he wasn't a Jericho fan otherwise I would have had to disregard him as a raving moron.
Also his favourite Wrestler is John Cena. Enough said.

I bet you mark for Big Show.

those low set ears and strong jaw indicate fragile X syndrome
This voice needs to start coming out of a cartoon lizard.
Maggot Brain
Being gay isn't cool, it's the coolest!
I think the Clone High live action movie just found its JFK
Oh, fuck this guy! Being a Jerichoholic isn't about drinking! It's about strength, honor, and determination; it's about getting high *on life*. He's completely missing the point of that merchandise line.

Also, BWAHAHAHAHAHA he's a John Cena fan! No surprises there!
I just said that dude, you WCW Renegade you. Yeah, I went there.

No, you said that if he were a Jerichoholic, he'd be a raving moron, which is not true. You're just as bad as he is!


Ha, as I suspected all along. I knew you were a John Cena fan!

wtf japan
Well *I* remember a time when people didn't wear kippehs in youtube videos. It was great! We had no idea if the divine presence was over your head or not. We didn't care!
That's Mr. Mxyzptlk's voice!

Rodents of Unusual Size
He...he is indeed just that.

But how come he hasn't been offered that role? He is a badass straight Republican!

I want this to be fake but it probably isn't.

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