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Desc:A track by the Kangas Sound guy. I have to admit I completely, unironically love this.
Category:Arts, Horror
Tags:Synthesizer, what, cacaphony, kangasrus
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That guy
Is there some original version of this? This is extra hard to listen to, as is its cousin:
I think the original is just her singing, that's on his channel too.

That one you found might be submission-worthy itself, but this guy's in a whole other class.

Olive Oyl, you're scaring me.
Kind of sounds like something Blectum from Blechdom would do.
He's either just another hack outsider musician who doesn't know what he;s doing or some genius musique concrète artist who knows exactly what he's doing.

He made his own software that only he knows how to use so that might be a point in the latter camp.
Seriously, try to wrap your head around the "making of" video for this track that I posted in the comments of the other clip of him:


Even downloading the program is a mystery. There are two versions with identical version numbers and file sizes, no description of the difference between them and the navigation on his site is questionable.

I love how he uses such a fine detail of control over the harmonic structure of the sounds to get to an end result that's pretty much the banjo sound in the cheap Yamaha keyboard I had when I was 10.

If smart alecs on the internet get a hold of this technology, it will create a bizarre microgenre that lasts a month. Im downloading this.

I downloaded it. The QI version works fine, the other one asks me to set up an admin account for a mySQL database and then crashes without installing after I choose a password.

It's completely bewildering but I'm definitely going to try to work through some of the tutorials and at least use it to make some samples.

If my eyes don't deceive me, you can define envelopes at least a year long.

Oscar Wildcat
8 bit version of Annie Haslam.

I can see why you like this, Zirc.
infinite zest
It kinda reminds me of Life Without Buildings in a way. The only one I've heard is the kids album

infinite zest
Or Fiery Furnaces actually. That's what it reminds me of.

The 2009 remix with no distorted singing is a bit easier to listen to.
Good find.
Boomer The Dog
This is going on the radio right away, well, the 2009 version. It will make a solid foundation to build on musically. We can also build on the fact that this is animal related.

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