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Category:News & Politics, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:charlie brooker, Weekly Wipe, philomena cunk
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Comment count is 11
I secretly want to have horrible, wonderful choke sex with Philomena Cunk.

Anyway this is great, and Charlie Brooker continues to look sadder and sadder every week.
With you getting choked? Because if that saves me from reading your non-secrets I'll give you stars.

If not, the show earned those stars all on it's own.


Most of this, minus the "Voice" bit, and minus Ms. Cunk, was funny.

I guess Ms. Cunk's idiocy bit is supposed to be somehow clever? It's clearly trying to be, but it fails.

Cunk's bits are parodies of Brian Cox's Wonders of the Universe.

infinite zest
I sort of skipped around but landed on the pink labour van. Interesting that two brits with similar senses of humor would disagree so much. I'm with Brooker but I thought Oliver was funny in a patronizing way but kinda missed the point, in that it doesn't. fucking. matter. The MLP thing was a bit of a surprise to me because I thought he'd go with, I dunno, a van decked out like the one in Dazed and Confused or something and make a joke from the movie.
infinite zest
"best thing I love about politics? I keep getting older but the woman stay the same age." Something like that..

Caminante Nocturno
Try to keep a straight face during the anthem that plays at 19:54.

"Avoiding A Tax"
Rodents of Unusual Size
All of my stars are for biker Odo leading Greece into a badass new future.
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