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Desc:A few of our favorites are here, but mostly new ones. It's been too long.
Category:Accidents & Explosions
Tags:fire, idiots, flaming shot
Submitted:Crab Mentality
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Comment count is 16
laughing at the drunken misfortunes of others.
The Mothership
POETV's lifeblood.

infinite zest
With the exception of our friend at the end (and the guy at 1:33, which DOES work (I've done it)) WHAT THE FUCK DID THEY THINK WAS GOING TO HAPPEN AND WHEN DID THIS BECOME A THING!?!!

Like, a nice Spanish Coffee is good once in a while, and properly done is set on fire and extinguished, sometimes by the recipient but usually by the bartender, because there's the chance someone might try to drink it. Like a 2 year old and a birthday cake.. get drunk enough and there's not much distinction between the two. Honestly I don't know what would be worse: setting yourself on fire for a second or two or actually ingesting a flammable liquid. Ugh..

How could this happen???
The bravado quickly transitions to blind panic.
yes, 1:00 really sums that up

Island of the Drunk Monkeys video, you now have some serious competition for greatest alcohol + primate shenanigans.

It took four times before I stopped saying "what are you... !?" out loud as each person went to take a drink. The "how it should be done" is my favorite part, because it doesn't say "don't."

Our love of fire is believed to have been inherited from hominids who kept it for decoration millions of years before humans existed. They did not give us the instruction manual, probably on purpose.
Fire is not always a friend.

I was about to comment "FUNNIEST FAILS 2015 100% WOLF URINE", but the original title already kinda did it.
1:40 Dude fucks up even before the drink attempt

1:50 Ghostrider is summoned
Seriously though, I did a LOT of stupid things with fire as a kid. Even as a stupid 13 year old though:

pressing the fire to my face was not one of them

always had an extinguishing plan on hand prior

knew that you had to smother liquid fires, not fan it with pussy swipes like it was a mouse

I am laughing to tears. I wish there was a "fan it with pussy swipes" tag!

Stop, Drop, and Roll < Leap, Flail, and Scream
Jet Bin Fever
Sadly none of these people were unable to reproduce.
I watched this entire video and screamed "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING" roughly twice per clip.
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