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Desc:Breaking news, insightful commentary
Category:Pets & Animals, News & Politics
Tags:fox news, llamas, Shepard Smith, white llama eh eh eh eh, black llama doop de doop doop doop
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Comment count is 11
Old_Zircon - 2015-03-02
Between being the namesake of the Sun City Girls and now this, Sun City has a pretty good track record.
ashtar. - 2015-03-02
Multipart is down, but the saga continues:

This sort of up to the minute breaking coverage is why print media is dead.
infinite zest - 2015-03-02
"We learned some Llama Facts."

Wow, Shep made me laugh unironically for once. I feel dirty.

Spit Spingola - 2015-03-02
chumbucket - 2015-03-02
Chopper is on the scene
Simillion - 2015-03-02
"Global terror threat is decentralized and diffuse"
fluffy - 2015-03-02
llamas have carried out many attacks in somalia and neighboring kenya

poopy - 2015-03-03
"Onto *important* news now, the llamas are still on the loose."

infinite zest - 2015-03-02
You take Las Palmas to Colorado, and THEN take Colorado down to Pico. God, do I have to explain everything?
Rodents of Unusual Size - 2015-03-03
I look forward to LlamaWatch
millerman13 - 2015-03-08
were they babysitting??
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