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Desc:Vintage Drunk Goth Corky, in honor of Nick Bravo Week.
Category:Humor, Arts
Tags:Drunk, vampire, lords of acid, nick bravo
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Comment count is 8
I was sort of like "Oh man, although he comes off as really douchy in the first ten seconds, he's not quite as goofy..."

and then...

If he had kept his mouth shut and stuck with the high-contrast monochrome that hides his splotchy skin and oddly disfigured nose, he could probably have made a name for himself as a slightly chunky Aurini impersonator/ VtM LARPer.

I never really understood that accent. He did it in a lot of his drunk videos; does anyone here know what he was aiming for? Was Nick trying to be British, Australian, or a Louisianan dowager?

Aurini! That was who he reminded me of!

He had a hearing yesterday for his unpaid traffic ticket. He got a suspended sentence.

Case No.: 1251472198

Court Name: VAN NUYS MUNI CT DIV 103
Court Address: 14400 ERWIN STREET MALL Court City: VAN NUYSUPT

Bail Amount: 0 Fine Amount: .00

Court Date: 03/02/2015 Sentence Date: 03/02/2015 Number of days Sentenced: 0

Disposition Code: SUSP Disposition Description: SENTENCE SUSPENDED
Farstucker is a great album.
Thanks for letting me know where I could find that song.

It's a good song, but Jesus fuck Nick is such a goddamned edgelord.

For anybody curious, the song is "Kiss Eternal", by Lords of Acid.

It's more than a little gross to think of Corky sitting in his motorhome, shitting in a coffeecan whilst listening to songs like "Stripper" and "Rough Sex".

Jet Bin Fever
This made my skin crawl.
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