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infinite zest - 2015-03-06

If feminists get upset about this, they should remember that no video game's attempts at humor, written by men or women, are ever actually funny.

Sexy Duck Cop - 2015-03-06

This is satire?

Potrod - 2015-03-06

They should also remember that Trevor is not exactly made out to be a paragon of human virtue.

It's weird that in a game where I would routinely go on senseless rampages when bored, I was kind of uncomfortable with Trevor. I guess that's what they were going for?

infinite zest - 2015-03-06

Actually Katamari Damacy is funny, but you know, it just seems like whatever they do to make games dramatic or funny or whatever never works, at least not for me. GTA San Andreas was a great game but all the Boys in the Hood stuff didn't work.. I guess that was the last one I played. And even when Burt Reynolds turns up in Saints Row 3, just not very funny to me. Maybe that's because my mind would be in two spots: hands on the controller and eyes and ears on the screen. In fact the only funny moment in modern gaming to me was when you're entering the "Lewis and Clark" territory in Red Dead Redemption to your wife and song and that Jamie Lydell song is playing and you cause that glitch to happen where your horse starts flying around.

Adham Nu'man - 2015-03-06

Portal was fucking hilarious, regardless of how many retarded "the cake is a lie" references the internet made.

Adham Nu'man - 2015-03-06

Also, while GTA SA's Boys in the hood stuff was terrible, The Truth and Mike Toreno were brilliant.

infinite zest - 2015-03-06

OK, yeah, totally forgot about Portal, Left 4 Dead, even Half-Life 2 and TF2 (though I haven't played it), Valve really does tell a really good story that's pretty subtly funny (hi chet). A lot of indie games do it too but it's when you try to force it the way that a movie or TV show (or novels if people still read those things) that it just feels overdone.

Someday I'm gonna play all the way through San Andreas. It was kind of the house game and we'd always overwrite our saves until we just stopped caring about the story and did what you do in GTA. Plus it was hard as shit! The only reason I was able to beat RDR was it was really easy with the targeting turned on and everything. And speaking of RDR, the little short animated films (all two of them) were amazingly well-done and funny as well. So, yeah, not funny most of the time but once in a while oh wait I just described modern television and movie comedies didn't I?

Bobonne - 2015-03-06

Speaking as a feminist that's been playing GTA since 3 (just never could get into 1 or 2, despite trying, when they were current):

I wouldn't be playing GTA (or looking forward to V on PC, though I'll probably have to upgrade if it's as unoptimized as IV) if I couldn't just roll my eyes and move on when things like this pop up. Just like virtually anything else out there, including this site, the internet in general, videogames, whatever.

99% of feminists are quite capable of performing the eyeroll maneuver and getting on with our lives, rather than really getting "upset" over stuff. Yes, even the dreaded "SJW" types. You can enjoy something that's "problematic" without setting yourself or others that like it on fire and refusing to associate with it and setting up a tumblr account.

Gmork - 2015-03-06

How can you not be on trevor's side in this? Those people need to shut the fuck up. You don't need to be an obnoxious piece of shit to empower yourself.

Gmork - 2015-03-06

I just dont understand - this isn't an attack on all feminists - it's an attack on a few specific, extreme charicatures (sp?) of radical feminists. I mean, it's kind of an OBVIOUS exaggeration.

urbanelf - 2015-03-06

Wait... I thought Trevor was the feminist and he was fighting the patriarchy by telling dumb-ass "feminists" to shut up. I'm so confused now.

Simillion - 2015-03-06


Old_Zircon - 2015-03-06

I had a partner once ask me how I could be supportive of all sorts of feminist causes and also like awful 60s sexploitation movies. I should have known right there it would never last, especially since she was a feminist who was pretty into awful 60s sexploitation movies.

Cognitive Dissonance Rules Everything Around Me.

Bobonne - 2015-03-06

I wasn't even addressing the actual scene itself, but the decision to include it by Rockstar, trying to throw in a lame joke based on current trends, in a pretty ham-handed way. That's what made me roll my eyes and then carry on with my life. Are you suggesting that's somehow not an appropriate reaction?

In-game, they're a trio of obnoxious jackasses, just as if they were running around shouting about conservative slogans, or slogans about thinking cats are totally cute, or how much they love spaghetti, or anything else.

Because of that, I'm fine with Trevor telling them to shut the fuck up. The fact that he didn't then go on some MRA screed just makes him all the more completely in the right. Your right to be an obnoxious asshole is sacrosanct, but so is the right of everyone else to tell you to shut the fuck up, or at least keep it at a reasonable volume level.

Why did you assume that I somehow wasn't on Trevor's side in the first place, Gmork?

Bobonne - 2015-03-06

For that matter, what does anyone assume Trevor's "side" in this scene is? That he hates feminists, or just hates obnoxious loudmouthed assholes?

I'm going with the latter, personally.

Sexy Duck Cop - 2015-03-06

I like how, even when my opinions loosely align with Gmork's, he manages to Gmork it up so hard I need to re-evaluate my beliefs before rolling my eyes and moving on.

infinite zest - 2015-03-07

I could be wrong, but didn't GTAV predate Gamergate as we know it? The first time I heard "Sarkeesian" I believe she was using GTAV as an example. This just seems like a dumb feminist joke, like the Mr. Show monologue that's at the playboy mansion or whatever and the feminists come out and protest, or even The Simpsons and the Duff Beer commercial where the feminists get transformed into bikini babes. It's nothing new.

Bobonne - 2015-03-07

Yeah, it did, and yes, it's just a dumb generic feminist joke. The whole "Patriarchy" as an academic concept that leaked into the "real world" and was then misinterpreted and demonized by morons for the purpose of strawmanning the opposition (ie, feminists), much like 'cisgender', is just old enough for it to make it into GTAV, but not GTAIV, so they went ahead and tossed it in here.

It really isn't anything new or special, and I'll give Rockstar credit, given they just had Trevor tell them to shut the fuck up, rather than making it into a whole lame mission where you had to 'KILL ALL THE FEMINISTS' or whatever (Ah, Vice City, I miss you). They made it exactly as long and as in-depth as such a joke deserved or required, and no more. Because of that, it's fine by me.

infinite zest - 2015-03-07

Yeah.. and the other thing, it's a fucking GTA game. They're all offensive. I remember the very first top-down one being so awesome because I think they said "shit" and there were blood streaks after you ran over people. I don't think the game even made any direct references to drugs, at least not by name. And that was gaming 17-odd years ago except for more fringe titles like Postal. And even Postal 1 seems pretty tame by today's standards.

And Rockstar's pretty smart about this: In Red Dead Redemption, it's true, there's prostitutes around that offer their services but the whole point of the game is getting back to the one you truly love, so no sex for you. And while she's an NPC, Bonnie is by far the strongest character in the game. And, without getting into too many spoilers, later in the game you SHOULD be able to have the option of sleeping with a prostitute to keep things consistent. I've heard that game defended by feminists for these virtues alone: prostitution was a thing back then. And guess what: it still is.

StanleyPain - 2015-03-06

I can't believe out of all the moments of gold in GTA5 anyone would get hung up on this. Trevor's interactions with the crazy fitness lady are much better. Or the weird woman you can get regular sex from who has daddy issues.

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