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Desc:Pele demands a sacrifice!
Category:Science & Technology, Religious
Tags:drone, volcano, I got nothing, force of habit
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Comment count is 12
Adham Nu'man
This guy is some spoiled rich brat who spends his money traveling the world doing weird/crazy shit for almost no reason.

I wish I was him.
infinite zest
Cool! I'm channeling your mother, but DON'T STAND SO FUCKING CLOSE TO THE EDGE LIKE THAT!

Maybe I'm the only one, but if I'm playing a video game, especially an FPS, standing up, I tend to move forward or backward with the character by like half a step or something. Eee!
Nothing like having this sick footage and ruining it with your stupid fucking voice. I made it to :09.

Die in a fire.
infinite zest
There used to be a guy I lived with who sounded exactly like him. Or more specifically he lived under a pinball machine with a curtain and air mattress for about 3 months. Nice enough guy (except never offered me any $ for electricity or rent once he found a job) but everything he said or did was just with this weird "I don't care" nasally affectation.

infinite zest
He did buy food with his food stamp card though which was tits, but he'd describe everything he was cooking just like this guy describes a pit of molten lava. This isn't a cooking show goddamnit.

Fuck a nasal affectation. When are we grabbing a beer?

infinite zest
Let's do it soon! This week I've pretty much been working 8:45AM until 11PM this week because I need to reup my certification for my job in the morning and then go to work.. that'll be back to normal soon but I've been crashing out immediately..

infinite zest
But now I'm officially a bouncer for another 2 years :D

Are you the tall tattood bearded dude extra in Portlandia?

bouncy bouncy

Killer Joe
So we got a great scan of the inside of a volcano...
It needs to go into a videogame!

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