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Desc:in 1983
Category:Classic Movies, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:Star Wars, George Lucas, mark hamill, planning ahead
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imagine if Corvette Summer had been a cool movie with an iconic soundtrack instead of a dud

I didn't realize he did Corvette Summer between the first and second Star Wars. That movie was so bad. The main Corvette in it looked terrible.

It had all the ingredients of a classic.
Blame cocaine.

infinite zest
alright, baby's crying so I gotta go.. how did you get into my house and who are you exactly?
elmo oxygern
I just learned that Mark Hamill is the voice of Skips on Regular Show
infinite zest
Woah! It's so weird. Normally if someone tells you that X is the voice of Y, like Bender is the voice of Jake the Dog, you're like "oh hey! Yeah!" Like, they all kinda sound the same like Phillip J Fry and Bugs Bunny, etc. but I wouldn't have believed you if I hadn't seen it with me own two eyes. What an amazing voice actor. I wonder if working with Frank Oz had something to do with that; he always seemed pretty monochromatic as Luke.

Mark was also the Joker on all those Batman cartoons, you probably knew that:


That guy
sticking to policy
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