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Desc:If you liked the first one, you'll hate this. They made a third one in 2008, too.
Category:Sports, Trailers
Tags:hockey, gary busey, why, stephen baldwin, horrible sequel infinity
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Comment count is 15
Of course Stephen Baldwin's in it. Oh look! A gay stereotype!
infinite zest
I'll just assume that was the actual trailer, but I think I just saw the whole movie. Fun fact (which I may have read on here, not sure): Slap Shot was written by Nancy Dowd, the title being a "slap" in the face to all the misogynists in the world of hockey (and moviegoers who probably didn't realize or pay attention that it was written by a woman). It was one of the first "feminist" films in that way, and unlike Bad News Bears, explored more gender boundaries than "hey look, chicks can play a dude sport too!" I watched the movie again about a year ago and it's still great, but a lot more depressing than I remember it being the first time I saw it.

I guess a sequel makes sense, but with the original, hockey was really just a storytelling device: the movie wasn't really about hockey at all, any more than Prefontaine was about running fast,
That's awesome, I didn't know that! That's right up there with Slumber Party Massacre for "explicitly Feminist films that most people probably don't realize are explicitly Feminist films."

Just one more reason why Slap Shot is one of the greatest movies.

infinite zest
Last time I watched it my housemates were watching Trailer Park Boys and I was like "you've never seen Slap Shot?" This movie looks pretty bad, but kinda like "Color of Money" bad, if that makes any sense, which in some ways was actually pretty good. Or maybe I'm just thinking of Paul Newman. The hockey cinematography if nothing else is pretty interesting. Come to think of it, I think I saw this in a hotel once just because I needed something to pass out to. But I'm pretty sure I thought it was a Mighty Ducks movie, since the swear words were cut out. I dunno, I was pretty drunk.

[Citation needed] on your little title factoid, because that sounds incredibly made up and I can't find anything on it.

For what it's worth (nothing), according to a "Making of" book, Dowd wanted to call it Hat Trick and a producer came up with Slap Shot.

I realize I've wasted time but it's just such an incredibly dumb fact I had to shoot it down.

The Mothership
I didn't see the first one, which is probably why I like this.

should I see the first one?
infinite zest
Short answer is yes. Long answer is, yeah.

Yes, definitely. The first one is great.

It was gold.


I see and raise


Rodents of Unusual Size
The dialogue is excruciating. Is Stephen Baldwin trying to be Martin Short? Because it isn't working.
I have this DVD. It's really not that terrible, just boring.
The first one set the bar pretty high.

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