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Desc:Ric Flair knocks other wrestlers and admires his own genius.
Tags:wcw, wrestling, wwf, wwe, Ric Flair
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I get Ric Flair and Bryan Fischer mixed up constantly. I think the Republican Party does as well.
The home of MUSCULAR Christianity!

Although in fairness to Mr Flair, these are just small clips, presented without context. If all of your knowledge about Ric Flair comes filtered to you through the biased editorial lens of Wrestling Wing Watch, then of course you're going to think he's an asshole.

Oh, were you looking for context, Homer? Flair likes to get drunk and shoot his mouth off.

Everything I know about wrestling I learned from you guys. I still don't believe any of you actually like it. Same goes for the bronies.
I highly reccomend watching both MLP:FIM and professional wrestling.

Well, at least you're learning this stuff from us, and not some weirdos on the internet.

Is there a Brony wrestler yet? Surely one exists in the minor circuits.

Also the only way I would watch either MLP or wrestling would be with Cena and Homie. Call me a baby, but somebody has to hold my hand and help me weather the shitstorm that is the things you guys pretend to love.

If I were a wrestler, a brony would be one of my gimmicks. Not the only gimmick, but one of them, preferably after I leave Japan to make it big in the WWE. My finishing move would be the Sonic Painboom.

Why do you think we pretend to love those things? There are things I don't get, yet I'll never say its fans pretend to like them. Wrestling has great action, stories, and centuries of history. Sure, it can be stupid often. It'll have stupid gimmicks and nonsense stories and yet looking back and laughing at Doink and Max Moon are part of the appeal.
As far as MLP:FIM is concerned, its just a really well made and written cartoon. This is a cartoon made by adults who love cartoons. Its so brilliant they took something as girly and commercial as MLP and gave it a massive adult following. You can't just assume all bronies are emotionally broken freaks, you really should consider the fan base as evidence that there's something really amazing about that cartoon.

Flair doesn't hate them, he was just critical of their abilities. You don't become a 16 time world champ without developing a bit of an ego... unless you're John Cena. He's at 15 and has a great attitude, and a great attitude adjustment.
He's got a great attitude because he's on top of the world and he gets everything handed to him on a silver platter. Cena's like the older, wiser version of that Timmy B rapper kid we were laughing at earlier; he shows up, gets paid, and why the fuck would he care about all the other wrestlers? Thanks to Vince, he gets anything he wants, and he doesn't have to work for it.

Ric Flair, he fought hard to get to where he was. He had his share of triumphs and tragedies, desperate wins and screwjobs! A man like that, he's competitive, he knows his worth, and he's all too aware that at any moment, some hotshot young buck might step up to the ring and in an instant take everything Flair had fought for. Cena? Cena's a pampered Daddy's boy who can afford to be gracious, because he knows it won't cost him anything.

Not that I'm defending Ric Flair. The only reason he won that many Championships was because back in his day, the competition was light. I guarantee you that if CM Punk had been around in the 80s and early 90s, Punk would be a fifty time world champ by now.

Cena is not like Timmy B. Cena came up from the streets. The kids at school made fun of him for liking hip hop. He taught himself Thuganomics until he earned a doctorate in the discipline. He would lift weights till he puked to get his body, and he never gives up. Cena had to beat people like CM Punk and the Rock to get some of his championships, so you can't put him down for a lack of competition.

Not only did he become the greatest, but he built a nation. From its humble origins as the Chain Gang the CeNation is the most dominant force in wrestling.
Sure Cena might not be the most over, but he's the most controversial superstar in wrestling history.

Oh yeah? *Sesame* Street, maybe. And I've lifted weights till I puked before, too! Granted, they were like forty pounds and I puked because I was dehydrated and really out of shape, but the point is, he's nothing special.

And of course he'd beat The Rock. The Rock was the most overrated wrestler before Cena came to the game; the proto-Cena, if you will.

blue vein steel
Sorry, but gonna have to defend The Rock here. Most overrated? Not saying that he's a great actor outside of wrestling, but in professional wrestling, he's probably the most naturally talented promo performer of all time, easily playing both a face and heel.

It depends on how you define "talented". The Rock was certainly charismatic; he had confidence and a force of personality that made his promos legitimately electrifying. However, he wasn't a particularly good actor, or a clever speaker. He was the catchphrase king: he came out, said a few stock lines that probably weren't even written by him, then shot one of his trademark "looks". The next night, he'd do the same thing. And the night after that. And the night after that. He was Urkel, popping up like clockwork and asking for cheese.

In fact, I'd argue that The Rock's promos, while effective, were some of the WORST spots in the history of wrestling! Certainly the worst promos cut by a respectable main carder in the WWE, from a structural and artistic standpoint.

For all of John Cena's faults, he's both a better wrestler and a better promo-cutter than The Rock.

That's a great point Homer. Sure a lot of people will say The Rock's legendary run was superior to Cena's, but The Rock benefited from increased freedom offered by the Attitude Era. Cena has been held back by his kid friendly position.

Hell, even with the kid-friendly restrictions, Cena's better on the mic than Dwayne ever was! I'd take one impromptu rap battle over a thousand scenes in which The Rock flaps his arms and shouts "IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT YOUR NAME IS".

Ric Flair may be an asshole, Cena might be a dweeb, Macho Man and Ultimate Warrior may have been out of their minds on coke, but these wrestlers were all capable of delivering more than three lines at a time.

Oh, and The Corporate Elbow sucked. It took way too long and made no bucking sense - like, why didn't the guy just roll out of the way? The only actually decent move which took that long to perform was The Worm.

The 5 Knuckle Shuffle is Cena's version of a move like that, but I like the way Cena uses his "You can't see me" taunt to check if his opponent is conscious. Then again if his opponents are out long enough for Cena to do the 5 Knuckle Shuffle he may as well just pin them and win the match... WRESTLING LOGIC!

The 5 Knuckle Shuffle is alight, it strikes the head, and it takes only like half the time to perform. Plus, the way he does the taunt, Cena's basically checking to see if his opponent's out cold, and if they CAN'T see him, then he knows he's got enough time to perform the move. He's got some strategy there, unlike The Rock, who just showboats recklessly.

Wrestlers can sense when they are pinned and can reflexively kickout even when they previouslly have been out cold for 10 mins on the concrete.

blue vein steel
i don't think i ever 5'd CM's original post, but it's well deserving. so 5s to you, Cena Mark

I was on a flight to Charlotte with Flair once. He was very nice, and very red. Like, lobster red. I met my family at the airport and my brother went over to get an autograph. He didn't have any paper, and all I had was an air sickness bag. Flair gave out maybe 20 signatures at baggage claim that day, including one barf bag. That's one classy douche.
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