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Desc:A scene in which priorities are established.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:ucb, Upright Citizens Brigade, sushi, origami
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I love doing this voice.
infinite zest
UCB sketches have this weird tendency to go on about 30 seconds too long. Maybe it's because they didn't have the option of a fadeout with applause like KitH.. but oh well. The seaweed on the raw chicken gets me every time. And the fact that he only knows two words of Japanese: "Hai" and "Sushi."
As I've said before, it went on for two seasons too long. Every second of the first season was pure gold and I could watch it over and over. What is really weird is if you watch one of the pilot episodes, the one where Walsh is the ugly woman and Amy Poeller was the chick that shot her husband, it was literally unwatchable. Whoever directed the first season was a genius.

infinite zest
Yeah, I went back and watched the Pro Thunderball episode again, and it didn't age the way old Mr. Show ages. Imdb's not always the best source, but it kinda sucks that the writers (besides the cast) pretty much worked on this and nothing else afterwords.

I rewatched all of UCB recently. And then I watched it again with commentary.

Man, that commentary is great.
oh, i love sushi too
Jet Bin Fever
Oh man, if I could ever afford a live-in sushi chef, I would be the happiest boy alive.
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