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Desc:Does anyone still have the "buttercream" one?
Category:Accidents & Explosions, Crime
Tags:white people, what hell sounds like, Lord Rexington Fear, POE Red, do not watch this
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I remember this
Miss Henson's 6th grade class
In Search of Squandered Tme! Someone suggested a while ago that Rexington's long absence from his blog and drug-related posts suggests that he is, in fact, dead. Anyone have any solid info on his whereabouts?
I just did a quick Google search, he uploaded some photos of furries in a parade to Flickr three days ago.

He appears to be a fairly prolific tweeter, too, and skimming the last couple of days he doesn't seem much different.

Killer Joe
Sexy Rexy at his finest.
The Mothership
I had a friend in college - who was totally white folks - and he used to say 'swiggety-sweet' every time he meant to say 'sweet', like as in 'cool'.

He also used to say 'nizz' in the same context. First time I heard him say that I asked him, 'What's nizz mean?' He said: 'nizz is short for nizz-ice'. 'What does nizz-ice mean?' I asked. 'Nizz-ice is long for "nice".

Cool dude, his daughter gots a lazy eye.
Is the video of this from that puppet rat VHS party game that got posted a while back? I think it is, but I can't tell because it's closeup.
Yes, and other than looping about a second of it, it hasn't been manipulated - that seizure inducing jitteriness was a creative decision.

The Townleybomb

i love this! good ol' rexy. wasn't there drama about him posting about how awesome he is at eating pussy? it's been a while, my mind is fuzzy on details now.
Me too. I found two 5 minute monologues on the same old CD-R where this was, but I haven't gotten to listen to them yet.

Also, FOUND:


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