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Desc:See Melanie Griffith actually get mauled by a lion
Category:Trailers, Pets & Animals
Tags:big cats, roar, Drafthouse, melanie griffith, tippi hedren
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Comment count is 14
I can't believe I didn't know about this.


"For six years, Hedren and her daughter—the emerging young actress, Melanie Griffith—along with Marshall and his three sons lived, slept and ate with a growing pride of lions inside their home.

As their big cat collection rose to over 100 animals, the shadow of Beverly Hills became too restrictive: The entire Hedren-Marshall family created Shambala, a nature preserve 40 miles north of Los Angeles, and began shooting."

I don't care how big your Beverly Hills mansion is, 100 lions is too many lions.
infinite zest
I already know what your response will be OZ, but I was thinking about how I kinda felt bad for Richard Linklater and Boyhood simply because of the timeline: 12 years is a long time to commit to anything. But at least he can feel pretty good that his movie made about 5 times what it cost. Roar was 17 million in 1981 and made 2 million and took 11 years! I'm not the best at adjusting for these things, but I think comparatively Roar was one of the biggest flops in cinema history!

Mother Lumper
Jesus H. Christ.
Oscar Wildcat
That is true: the lion is historically a symbol of Christ.

But he can't help you now.


Adham Nu'man
The IMDB Trivia page on this one is particularly entertaining: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0083001/trivia
Maggot Brain
My favorite

"In 1978, a flood from a dam break killed many lions in the film"

Adham Nu'man
Killed, but not harmed.

Fucking predators. How do they work?
Hugo Gorilla
This will be released on DVD by Drafthouse later this year or you can throw away nearly 0 on the out of print versions on Amazon now.
infinite zest
Hopefully it'll make some money back.. it cost about 17 million and only made 2 at the box office, and though it came out a year before I was born, I hadn't heard about it until today.

Gunny McRifleson
Hey, that lion's on a skateboOHGODSTOPBITINGMEAHHHHHHH!
Oscar Wildcat
I think i'll just ride my motorcycle through the pride OHMYGODMYLEG!!!!COMEBACKWITHMYLEG!!!!!!@#$^%!@

Maggot Brain
"I got it, we'll re make The Birds with lions!"
Rodents of Unusual Size
And she is like I'm down with being mauled...bring it!

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