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Desc:Come for the fight, stay for the money shot.
Category:Classic Movies, Stunts
Tags:michael cera, white people as ninjas, Scott Pilgrim, Bicurious, Bifurious
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Comment count is 27
Bort - 2015-03-16
That's what Patton Oswalt says happens when you hit a midget on the head with a stick.
jreid - 2015-03-16
They orgasm to death and burst into a pile of change?

Bort - 2015-03-17

I'm guessing Patton's technique isn't good enough to get them to orgasm, so he doesn't know.

infinite zest - 2015-03-16
I didn't make it through this movie. Maybe I'm just a bit too old? It had all the laughs of Jay and Silent Bob, which were none, but at least Jay said "fuck" a couple hundred times and didn't know what the internet was.
FABIO - 2015-03-16
Same here. I couldn't even make it through the first 5 minutes. It seemed like a movie version of every insipid twee webcomic mashed together. Almost as painful as Juno.

infinite zest - 2015-03-16
Yeah! I wonder if it's just Michael Cera? A lot of the humor is similar to that in Spaced as well, but somehow it worked there, even the video game noises and geek/comic culture, which I obviously don't have a problem with.

Nikon - 2015-03-17
Mostly I thought the movie was like watching a high-budget version of an MST3K movie - in short, a film full of weird, unlikeable characters with no one to root for.

Old_Zircon - 2015-03-17
I didn't even get halfway through this clip.

RocketBlender - 2015-03-16
I never understood the popularity of this or the comics. They're about a guy old enough to be a college graduate (they "toned it down" in the movie and made him 23...) who'se trying to date two women at once, one of which is a high school girl, because he doesn't have the balls to tell her he cheated on her when someone new came along until he was so balls deep in it all that it caught up with him, but hey, it made video game references, so it's all good, right?
infinite zest - 2015-03-16
Shit.. I really zoned out for what little I watched. I thought he was in high school, and like Sixteen Candles, there was just always booze that appeared like magic. For some reason I get hit on a lot by 23 year-olds, which creeps me out (I'm 33) so they were watching the twin towers fall and wondering why Pokemon wasn't on.. things like that run through my head and I can't date anyone younger than myself

infinite zest - 2015-03-16
Also I was rocking Scott's blue coat with the furry hood in 2001 goddamnit!!

StanleyPain - 2015-03-16
The comic is insanely sexist but most girls don't care because LOL RANDOM NERD CULTURES FEELS WANT LOL

That guy - 2015-03-17
IZ #humblebrag

infinite zest - 2015-03-17
For the record, I was 19 when the towers fell, and was watching Ducktales before I had to go to go to class when my housemate's mom called asking if we were watching the news..

IrishWhiskey - 2015-03-17
To be fair, the point/twist of the comic was that the "hero" wasn't a hero, but someone whose video-game delusions of needing to 'win' the girl back from villains were covering up his own flaws and responsibility for how he was messing up his life and relationships. Pointing out he was really a dick isn't revealing anything new to those that like it, since that's part of why they like it.

Old_Zircon - 2015-03-17
IZ I thought you were older than me.

Fuck am I old.

Old_Zircon - 2015-03-17
I slept through most of 9/11 on account of having been up all night boning on 9/10. One of her friends IMed around lunch time and was like "did you know that terrorists just blew up the world trade centers and pentagon?" and we didn't believe him.

FABIO - 2015-03-17
Same here. I was in college and didn't have classes that day. My roommate bursts in and wakes me up around 10am DO YOU KNOW WHAT'S GOING ON THEY'RE FLYING PLANES AND BLOWING UP THE WORLD TRADE CENTER!!!

I was still half asleep going, "What? Yeah right, crazy person." He turns on the news to the first tower falling down and I think what shitty movie is this? Took about a full half hour before I was awake and fully realized what was going on.

Bobonne - 2015-03-17
I was actually playing pokemon when I was informed by someone else in the house what was happening.

I was in the bug-catching park, I think.

Of course, I was also 21 at the time, and had stayed up all night beforehand sick with pain, but that comment still stung more than any of those pokebugs, IZ.

Adjuvant - 2015-03-16
The movie was OK, but I'll take this opportunity to mention that Mary Elizabeth Winstead (blue-haired girl) has a musical project with Dan the Automator called "Got A Girl." It's 60's French Pop that is actually a pretty smooth listen:

Old_Zircon - 2015-03-17
Cool, I'll give anything with Dan the Automator a chance.

Maggot Brain - 2015-03-16
Did anyone else get a weird duel narrative vibe from this movie? Like, what the movie is really about what it takes to make it and eventually rejecting Hollywood.
giygusattack - 2015-03-16
Bort - 2015-07-04
... months later, I finally get that. A golden shower of coins for you, sir or madam!

(What I didn't get until now: Roxy is played by the girl who played George Michael's girlfriend Ann on "Arrested Development.")

joelkazoo - 2015-03-17
Fuck this movie and all the fanboys who act like its the second coming of Christ and deflect any criticism of it by saying I "just don't get it". Frankly, I don't *want* to get it. When I was in my mid 20s, I didn't have to deal with being directionless and having 2 hot chicks vie for my attention. I was working a job I hated and trying to pay my fucking bills! Oh, and get off my lawn!
Binro the Heretic - 2015-03-17
This movie was fun.

Roxy did Katara's voice in "Avatar the Last Airbender."

Fuck the haters.
Nominal - 2015-03-17
Oh, Binro.

Transformers was fun too!

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