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Category:News & Politics, Humor
Tags:charlie brooker, clip show, Weekly Wipe, philomena cunk, Barry Shitpeas
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Comment count is 9
Always 5 for Charlie Brooker, but I'd just like to take a moment to appreciate how utterly safe and mediocre that Cassette Boy thing around 20:00 is.

People like EBN were doing the same thing way better back when computers were still coal fired and you had to hand paint every frame of videotape by hand. For fuck's sake.

I guess that's why it's on TV.
Forgot the 5 for the rest of it.

infinite zest
Casetteboy's The Parker Tapes was sort of my soundtrack when I was in college, not to ask a question whose answer is probably obvious but what the hell happened!?!? That record was so good! Just don't take my Cyriak, BBC!

See? Told you. High-functioning autistic. Putin is Mayor-For-Life of VVPville, and if you dang Jurkrainians try to troll him or get in the way of his Land Quest, his badass self is going to pepper spray your country in the face.
Rodents of Unusual Size
"It was really bad, because of the numbers."

Oh man. Those numbers are something else. We should all be really concerned.
This feels like a dupe...some new segments, but seems like a lot of repeats.
All of the previous seasons last episodes were mash-ups from the earlier episodes, pretty sure this one is completely the same. I'm not sure why no one else remembered the pattern.

I thought I was going crazy...

There's a "clip show" tag for a reason (though I think there are one or two new segments in there, maybe).

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