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Desc:Compilation of bumps from the 2010 April Fools Day airing of 'The Room'
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:Adult Swim, space ghost, space ghost coast to coast, The Room, Tommy Wiseau
Submitted:Spit Spingola
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Comment count is 13
Nice to see Tommy back in his native habitat (outer space, surrounded by fellow aliens).
The Mothership
"No sir, thank you."
Crab Mentality
Tommy Wiseau. A national treasure of.... wherever the hell he's actually from.
I think he's a citizen of the world.

He's American, actually. From Wiseauconsin.

ashtar you wiseauass!

I think some intrepid theorist pinpointed him as Polish.

Man, I miss Space Ghost. Still the best Adult Swim show.

And how.

infinite zest
I actually liked it more when it was pre-adult swim. I thought the jokes were funnier than when they could get away with drug references and violence and swearing and stuff because they really had to try. Personally my faccorite AS show was The Brak Show, closely followed by the first season of ATHF before it started sucking.

Is there anything that's really worth watching on AS anymore? I like the premise of Mr. Pickles, but it's just one joke, with all the content of an Itchy and Scratchy cutaway joke (which is what it should have been.. a show within another show) and Squidbillys was never that great, but it was cool to get voices like Patterson Hood and other bands I like.. King Star King was amazing but I don't think they ever actually aired it. Basically AS is something I fall asleep to because my housemates are up watching it, which is like American Dad and Family Guy.

I will say that the Jack and Triumph Show is really funny if you liked TV Funhouse and Triumph in general, which I did. But it feels out of place on a network called Cartoon Network, since J&T, Childrens Hospital, NTSF etc. are, I don't know.. not animated?

asian hick
I'm going to put forth the controversial opinion that Venture Brothers is still a great show.

infinite zest
Oh yeah forgot! I love VB. It's hard for me to get into because I sporadically watch TV, but I saw the "special" and it was great. Best use of Crash Test Dummies ever.

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