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Category:Cartoons & Animation, Business
Tags:cartoons, ACTING!, Dogegory, dox e. dog, ANIMATION!
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Comment count is 8
So it's Oliver & Company, only with more stalking.
The preload made me realize how weird The THING would be animated. That dog has the physics of a Miami taxi cab.

Hey, is this Some Like It Hot with dogs? Okay, I had to stop thirty four minutes in when I saw that only four minutes had passed.
Boomer The Dog
I like the New York City setting and accents, but if it's 1979, they need a pulsing disco soundtrack!

The body shape on the pooches looks decent, and they have pretty expressive eyes.

I wonder if those dogs are speaking English, or if it's dubbed?

Personally, I would like to see a Dog show, produced by Dogs, with all dialogue spoken in the original Dog. They could add English subtitles for those of us who don't speak Dog.

Another idea: every talking Dog show seems to have a Dog who speaks a human language, usually English. But what if, instead of a dog speaking English, you had a human speaking Dog? For example - Dog With a Blog, Avery learns to speak entirely in barking.

You could even take it one step further, and have a society run by dogs, in which humans are kept as pets. The lead human is some special human who has somehow learned to speak Dog! For example - Human With a Blog, Avery is Stan's pet human, and she learns to speak entirely in barking.

They could also have a bilingual show, where characters speak both Dog and human, sometimes switching between the two languages in mid-sentence, as many bilingual Americans do. Example - Dog and Human Who Share a Blog, Stan and Avery must learn to navigate and balance two separate cultural identities.

infinite zest
I still want to see an all real animal show with CGI humans.

all cartoons are dubbed

Jet Bin Fever
Uhh better tighten up those frames there guys.
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