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Desc:In memory of Terry Pratchett.
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Religious
Tags:music, death, Discworld, Terry Pratchett, skeleton week
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Comment count is 3
Harveyjames - 2015-03-26
I remember when I was 14 I was really disappointed by how badly made this is. Now I'm just horrified and angry
BiggerJ - 2015-03-26
This, apart from a demo of the first Discworld game, was my first real exposure to the series. It's good when you're first exposure to a franchise doesn't turn you off it but pales in comparison to the rest of it, because you'll be blown away when you look into the rest of it. Like how the first episode of MST3K I ever saw was the movie (which had fewer jokes than normal episodes so theatergoers wouldn't laugh too much).)

FABIO - 2015-03-27
The thing with Discworld is that 90% of the humor and worthwhile parts are in the narration. The movies are all terrible because it's just the plot straight up with nothing but the MEESE ON SEEN.

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