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Desc:Disney presents Mephistopheles.
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Horror
Tags:horror fun, screams of the damned, Gravity Falls, Bill Cipher
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Comment count is 13
Rodents of Unusual Size
I can't believe Disney Channel is showing this along with five dozen shitty sitcoms. How did someone good get allowed to write for them again?
I think they'll try to solve that in season 3

Season 4 will bring the long awaited crossover between Gravity Falls and Dog With a Blog.

Rodents of Unusual Size
Spoiler: The dog is a demon whose blog posts are slowly going to make kids crave dog food and random poop they find on the ground.

infinite zest
I got high and downloaded all of Dog with a Blog that I could and I thought it was really funny. :)

infinite zest
Wow. This show is still rated TV-Y7, right? That's like Metalopalypse style shit.
"Into the Bunker" has worse things in it.

Mabel/Dipper melted creature for one.



infinite zest
Heh.. yeah that's pretty fucked up too. I like the show for that reason but it's like wow. As ROUS said above it seems weird for Disney, but maybe Disney's trying to change their image now that they have Marvel and Star Wars.

infinite zest
Also this has got nothing on that lunchroom scene in Gumball, but I guess it's different when it's french fries and soda pop. I think that scene's a lot harder for me to watch as an adult, as I get the Starship Troopers reference and everything. To a kid, it's just what their food would be thinking about if it was alive. But this is a screaming severed human head getting its flesh ripped off! Oh well, I don't have kids, but if I did I wouldn't want them waking me up because of nightmares from this.

Monkey Napoleon
It's not weird for Disney. You'll notice there's no blood or sex and nobody ever dies.

I've read in interviews with Hirsch that he had to fight for just about everything, and Disney even put their foot down and succeeded in preventing him from doing some things he wanted. The example he gave is that the two Gravity Falls policemen characters are supposed to be gay for each other, and he wanted to have them kiss when they were re-united in the finale, but Disney threw a fit. Up until that point, you could play off their relationship as they're just wacky (if you're a dumb person), but it was really important to the execs that nothing happen that specifically paints them as gay.

Anyway, the show was always designed to be two seasons, and I fervently hope it stays that way because it's (more or less) perfect just the way it is.

Deer teeth! For you, kid!
Illuminati: confirmed.

And people wonder why Pinecest/Folger's Coffee crossovers exists.
I make the extra effort to go into every Bill Cipher episode 100% blazed.

I was pretty convinced that the whole dream sequence with the head took place in the real world, with the moon as his eye and like, his being taking up the entire universe for that short "EYE ON YOU" line.
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