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Desc:If you do not like pinecest, I recommend you do not see it
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Arts
Tags:Incest, shipping, Deviantart, Gravity Falls, Pinecest
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Comment count is 22
Well, of course I didn't know what Pinecest means so I clicked the link, and now I still don't know what it means.

I guess this is like storyboards for an adult swim show that will never get made.

And, oh god, the music....
It's where you fuck pine trees your family planted.

infinite zest
Probably just a reference to the pine trees in the pacific northwest. I put it in the hopper but forgot the NSFW (audio) on the title for Dipper Goes to Taco Bell. Do not listen to that at work, even if your work is in an adult book store.

infinite zest
Oh. Or their last name. Never knew that.

*moves paw toward family tree*
Well, there's an old, really obscure reference.

The Mothership
Ugh is either an old lurker who just got their registration or an alt account from someone who got banned.

The Mothership
Either way, welcome to POETV yo.

Now do one with Stan and, uh, that other guy!
Or just wait for the officially sanctioned one between the two cops.

I always figured it was more of a father/son mentor/mentee relationship between Sheriff Blubs and Deputy Durland.

I dunno, I think they sex it up.

Rodents of Unusual Size
Okay the two cops being in a gay relationship would make WAY more sense than this.

Caminante Nocturno
The music made me laugh at around 2:57.
It seems like being fraternal twins makes a pair more likely to be shipped than just being regular brother and sister. I figured this ship would happen since about any ship will.
Well I watched it and for some reason the vomit that came up tasted like copper. I wonder why that is.
I burst out laughing when I realized what song it was at around 1:30.
Spaceman Africa
because of this youtube is recommending dozens of pinecest video, most with 100k+ views, which makes me very sad
Who's the best twincest couple, the Pines twins or the vocaloid twins?

Spaceman Africa
the vocaloid twins obv

Kitana and Mileena, no contest, followed by the Lannisters, Aloe and Lotus, the sisters from Kissxsis, and then the Vocaloid Twins.

Rodents of Unusual Size
Game of Pinecones
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