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Desc:I felt like watching vintage Scanimate: Monday Night Football, HBO, Pontiac Ventura, much more.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Cartoons & Animation
Tags:HBO, 1970s, logos, monday night football, Scanimate
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Comment count is 11
fedex - 2015-03-22
I was six years old and actually remember a few of these
Old_Zircon - 2015-03-22
Can't ever get enough Scanimate and related.
sasazuka - 2015-03-23
It's like, there's no logical reason Scanimate should ever make a comeback in the high-definiton and 4K ultra-definition digital television era, it's analog, primitive, fuzzy, and the colours have a tendency to bleed and it's very obvious why Scanimate was more or less completely abandoned by television in the early 1980s, when it finally became possible to create sharp looking 2D and 3D logos using digital computers.

But, somehow, I still love the way Scanimate graphics looks even if I am aware a lot of the affection I have for it is nostalgia for a simpler time, when I was a little kid watching THE ELECTRIC COMPANY, which made extensive use of Scanimate technology. I wonder if there will ever be a 1970s throwback television show or movie that could make use of Scanimate title cards or transitions?

sasazuka - 2015-03-23
I don't know if this is all 1975... obviously, the Montreal Summer Olympics were in 1976, but I don't know whether or not the CBC Olympic bumpers were prepared a year prior.

I do love seeing the iconography of the event symbols of the Montreal Olympics starting at 9:08. For someone who grew up in the Montreal area, that was an unexpected bonus.
mouser - 2015-03-23
Considering we just recently stopped paying for them olympics I dont consider it much of a bonus but a bloody well deserved recognition of our will to get scammed by the construction industry.

jangbones - 2015-03-23
this inspired me to rewatch the amazing video for "Let's Groove" by Earth, Wind, and Fire in all its Scanimated glory

between this and all the shitty oversaturated video or out-of-focus film, seventies television was unsightly
boner - 2015-03-23
30 helens agree, tv used to be better.
betamaxed - 2015-03-23
Stars for the smooth relaxation this provided me
Boomer The Dog - 2015-03-24
Stars for the Dick Hyman track used at 11:00, it's from the 1960s!

DrVital - 2015-03-30
I'd love to get a look at what the interface for creating this stuff must have been like.

I'm guessing there were lots of dedicated devices covered in faux wood panelling.
sasazuka - 2015-04-07
See "The Dream Machine" for all your Scanimate-machine-wanting-to-look-at needs.



Or Dave Sieg's site:


IIRC, there were actually only 8 Scanimate machines in America.

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