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Desc:If Baymax could fly...
Category:Military, Science & Technology
Tags:russia, Pak TA, STEALTH!, war toys
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Comment count is 9
The Mothership
Why would Russia need to spend billions on a stealth transport? Putin spent like .99 on a convoy of Russian weapons and soldiers disguised as relief workers right across the Ukrainian border, just slick as shit.
All Russian troops and tank are already invisible, how else could Putin get 12,000 of them into Ukraine without any pictures or satellite photos showing them there?

Easy, all they have to do is take off their insignia. INSTANT INVISIBILITY. Too bad it only works on the Russian state propaganda.

So still no evidence...just you thinking because that there are any people at all fighting the Glorious Ukrainian Reich, that in itself is proof that they are Russian soldiers?

The Mothership
Oh it's definitely a pretty plane, I like its lines.

There is a pretty wide range of evidence supporting the line that there are Russian soldiers and equipment moving across border; it's up to you to accept or deny it though.

Caminante Nocturno
Baymax CAN fly! What the hell are you talking about??
"Largest stealth aircraft." Did Soviet socialism teach you guys nothing?
blue vein steel
Nope, will never fly IRL. Russia is having a hard enough time with their F-22/F-35 competitor, the PAK FA (of which there are only 2 flying prototypes, one of which frequently catches on fire), and the bomber this will supposedly be based on is still just a wind tunnel model.
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