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Category:News & Politics, Humor
Tags:WoW, Israel, clickhole, not an analysis of middle eastern affairs
Submitted:Sexy Duck Cop
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Comment count is 18
Five stars for the very end.
I'm so glad I waited...it was like Christmas back when I was a wee communist!

I was fooled by those peanut snacks once. They look like brown cheezies. Cheezies are good. Peanuts are great. Should be good! But they do, indeed, have absolutely no flavour whatsoever. Five for reminding me of the saddest day of my life.

The fuck dude? Why you got to project your own bias regarding Hamas onto this innocent snack video?

Damn, Clickhole!
Chocolate matzo is really fucking good.
Sexy Duck Cop
As good as stopping settlements on the West Bank?

infinite zest
Hmm.. that gives me an idea. I inexplicably make really good Matzo Balls (they float). With a couple of changes I'll bet I could make chocolate and vanilla ones. Move over Ice Cream.

Why does ice cream have to move? Cant there be a Two Dessert Solution?

infinite zest
:( video won't play for me for some reason. The rest of them do. Bumma mon.
You know what else won't play? Israel.

That guy
What no bacon flavored?
I never took you for a holocaust denier. For shame.

Let's ruin this with giant unending captions pushing a one note joke.

This is worse than College Humor.
Jet Bin Fever
No u are

infinite zest
I've actually seen some pretty funny things on Collegehumor. But even when I was in college, I hated that name, or "college" anything (like Kedzie Matthews on Mr. Show) and I think most people feel the same. It's kinda like cracked.com. I still think of Cracked as the less-funny MAD Magazine, which, by the time I started reading it, was pretty unfunny to begin with. Are they really THAT tied to the domain name? It wasn't that hard for n64.com to switch to IGN, and that was before a lot of people really knew how to search for stuff, as Altavista was about the best choice for finding stuff without just typing in a domain name at random, which nobody does anymore except for maybe the very elderly.

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