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Desc:Was in Russia, so the police actually tried non-lethal before shooting.
Category:News & Politics, Educational
Tags:Police, russia, proper training
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Yeah, that's kind of warranted. No objections other than to the tragedy of mental illness causing someone to do this.
Also: those knives look like fucking shortswords. Holy crap.

infinite zest
Seriously, he's walking slower than a zombie in Resident Evil. Surely you have enough training to shoot for a non-vital area. Fuck the Militsiya.

I agree with the sentiment, and I've probably even suggested that in regards to police brutality videos from the U.S., but even arm/leg shots can have fatal consequences. The reality is that there aren't a lot of "good" options for trying to save this guy. Maybe nobody had a taser handy, just the spray.

Sucks. Makes me curious about what this guy's deal was.

Sexy Duck Cop
for SolRo's description.
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