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Desc:The exact kind of comedy pilot you'd expect from a dentist who wants to be a comic.
Category:Humor, Horror
Tags:comedy, dentist, One Fucked Up Dentist, The Jersey Outlaw
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.... I have to go to bed now dad.
The Mothership
I've been to a lot of dental offices ...... but this is the dental office of...... fucked up dentist.
Eugene Levy and Christopher Guest knew what they were doing.
I once attended a seminar by Lloyd Kaufman of Troma fame. It was about how to make your own movie. One of the tips he gave was to make friends with dentists because a) they have money, and b) they're bored at work and want to do cool things. I kid you not.

(AND: now that I think about it, in the room next door, Matthew Lesko was giving a seminar. Once again, I kid you not.)
I believe something like that happened with The Evil Dead while Mad Max was partly funded by medical work by the producers or something.

Robert Rodriguez raised a good chunk of the budget for El Mariachi by being a drug guinea pig.

Sudan no1
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An old bandmate of mine is a dentist in NYC now... I really can't judge whether or not he would appreciate having this sent to him.
infinite zest
I'm at the age now where I'm seeing some of my old friends I keep on Facebook actually start up their own practices. Guy I bought weed from in high school? He's a dentist now. Guy who pissed in my laundry hamper? Heart surgeon.. etc.

EVERYONE has become more successful than we are.

infinite zest
This actually made my teeth hurt.
I am so angry right now...
blue vein steel
this made me an anti-dentite
"I'm just a dentist now" as if it's a logical progression from failed singer.
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