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Desc:good description of dumb SJW/antiSJW fights here on PoE, and internet politics in general
Category:Educational, Humor
Tags:anger, rage, Memes, CGP Grey, petulant internet slapfights
Submitted:Sudan no1
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Comment count is 46
Okay. You guys/gals with front page privs are now just baiting everyone for your own amusement... 5 stars!

This is some Richard Dawkins hokum though.

Let's argue about evopsych.

Kidding aside, though, this stuff is an interesting and sometimes useful analogy but it seems like it's built on assumptions about consciousness and cognition that are still very speculative at best. The thing that always gets me about it is that it's entirely based on a zero-sum model of consciousness that is just so transparently a reflection of the values of the ruling classes in most 20th and 21st century Western cultures, and that raises some major red flags. It's a model of consciousness based on free market capitalism with some social Darwinsim thrown in for good measure, at least in its popular form. I haven't actually read The Selfish Gene though, so I give Dawkins the benefit of the doubt.


I read parts of the Selfish Gene, the Meme Machine (not by Dawkins), and nearly all of the articles in the Journal of Memetics a few years back.

The definition of a meme was never agreed upon. The two competing definitions were: 1) Memes are things in the head (the brain); 2) A meme is a cultural artifact. The problem with the first definition is that nobody was really sure how to give a more specific definition than that; are memes particular neural pathways or regions where ideas are stored or areas of activity or what? The second definition forewent this problem and gave you things to study, i.e., the paper airplane artifact and its spread, but this definition basically just allows for existing anthropology and provides no added value.

Now my take is that clearly 1 and 2 are talking about two sides of the same coin, but how to get more detailed and reduce the space between the two is really hard. In part this is a definitional issue. Neurons and brain matter and whatnot are wholly different things than paper airplanes and the likes. Configuration of X neurons is not the same thing as the directions Y for folding a paper airplane. A translation has to be made, but how to make this translation, or how to identify the correspondence, leaves us at a dead end.

Where Dawkins and others left memetics was that it provides us with a useful metaphor for describing how ideas spread, one that anchors itself in Darwinism. That it might bear resemblance to Western Capitalism might be incidental.

That's more or less what I expected. That it's been embraced in a completely bastardized form by neoliberals and objectivists and PUAs and self help gurus and high-tech startup culture disruptionists and red-pillers and the like makes sense but I had a feeling Dawkins, for all his flaws, was too smart to have actually said what they think he said.

But we should still fight.


I ate like half a jar of jelly straight out of the jar tonight.

Oscar Wildcat
I made a nice wild caught rockfish, lightly fried in butter, and served in a tomato, olive and jalapeno sauce over cous-cous. A chardonnay and some other spices were involved, notably a fresh california laurel leaf. Jesus blood never failed me yet, but I stick with the whites these days.

I'll make penne with a homemade marinara and maybe some sausage and a side of sauteed rainbow chard. I've never added red wine to the sauce, but I might try that tonight.

Oscar Wildcat
One pays a price for the red later, but if you do, try balancing out the acidity of the resulting sauce with a little sugar. Perhaps a tsp or two.

I also made a pizza with a pretty tasty 60/40 white/rye crust (I prefer 60/30/10 white/whole wheat/rye but I've got too much rye flour so I'm trying to use it up) and planed a lot of wood until my elbow got sore and I had to quit.

Oscar Wildcat
Rye? That's crazy talk, man! 50/50 crown best baking flour and semolina flour. A tblsp or two of corn flour, and crucially, untoasted sesame seeds. This is the One True Crust. All others falling short in the Glory of the Lord.

Now we are gathered here today
To hate and to listen to what yogarfield gotta say
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Heíll come and ravage where you stay
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Pussy nigga if you scared then go to church with a weapon
And if you hide behind a preacher then Iím murking the reverend
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Donít go to church but I pray tho even God knows I donít play tho
Bitch I grind everyday doe, 20K was my play dough
Iím on that bread, call me mayo rock heat like this is MI-Yayo
I done shot niggas in they shit just call me OJ Mayo

But itís yogarfield and Iím Ďbout to go polo up on this beat
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You want that beef think itís sweet? Iím a show yo ass Iím a beast
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yogarfield still that same G

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Pull up to yo stoop nigga shootiní like I hoop nigga
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Boy Jesus couldnít save himself and you think he gone save you nigga?

That guy
simon, I assumed that it wasn't new here to bait everyone for one's own amusement.

I just got butterflies to feed, so fuck half of you.

Sesame seed pizza sounds questionable. I like at least a bit of rye in almost everything.

Give me until friday for my levain to mature and then you'll see the one true crust, believe you me.

Pretty much any strong opinion I have on here is massively exaggerated for the sake of annoying people, and I assume it's the same for most of the rest of you.

Oscar Wildcat
Sesame seeds go with semolina flour exactly as caraway seeds goes with rye flour. You are using caraway seeds in your rye bread, AREN"T YOU!?!?! Although it would be kinda crazy to use them in a pizza crust. But then, so's using rye flour.

Also: Yogarfield said "nigga". Alert the authorities.

whoop whoop

Could probably use a "cgp grey" tag.
Sudan no1

John Holmes Motherfucker
Glad I stayed to the end.
John Holmes Motherfucker
I thought that this was going to make me angry, but at the end, the narrator affirms that there ARE things worth arguing about, so I got no problem with any of this. It's an interesting model for the dynamics of the internet, but using it to conflate people on opposing sides as an argument is a sort of dumbing down of everything that isn't warranted, either by the video or by reality.

The Great Hippo
This video did not make me angry.

That makes me angry.

...oh, wait.
I'm having a petulant frenzy!
"I'm petulant and I'm having a frenzy" is a tag, actually.

I know because I made it.

Sudan no1

Sudan no1
I'll use your tag OZ.

Sudan no1
oh nvm, I forgot you're limited to 5 tags.

You should take out Petulant Internet Slapfights then, not even because it's my tag but because the video I used it on is so very relevant:


(or just leave them both, if I remember right you can have as many tags as you want and they'll work, it's just that only 5 of them will be visible)

Sudan no1
alrighty, added as 6th tag. :)

It didn't link, I bet we both have to take the apostrophes out, PoeTV doesn't like apostrophes.

This is my tag now, copypasted:

Im petulant and Im having a frenzy

I'm pretty angry that this video didn't make me angry like it said it would.
The Mothership
Good video Sudan #1, a smart piece of observation/research this.

But seriously, this is what you did with your front page privs?
Sudan no1
I posted a video you enjoyed, why are you complaining?


Oscar Wildcat
Sudan #1, I am your Father, Jor El. You must use your front page posting powers for truth, justice, and the POETV way. Do not stray from the path of righteousness!

John Holmes Motherfucker
This is why the internet needs a lot more EDITING!
Syd Midnight
"good description of dumb skeleton warrior/antiskeleton warrior fights here on PoE, and internet politics in general"

Google Chrome has an extension that automatically replaces "social justice" with "skeleton" and "SJW" with "skeleton warrior". But with a little bit of effort, Firefox users can achieve the same thing with the Foxreplace extension: https://code.google.com/p/foxreplace/

It is worth it.
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