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Desc:Money for nothing and your checks for free...
Category:Educational, Humor
Tags:dj, Fake, Tricky, money for nothing
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Comment count is 10
God I would get bored up there. Do audiences every care, though? No. They just want a drop every 90 seconds. Why does everything that becomes popular in America just go to shit?
Some electronic music people actually do some level of improvisation when performing, which is cool if you are very familiar with their music. If you are just there to party and do drugs, who gives a shit i guess. This kind of music is pre packaged and approved bullshit, so why take chances when you can just wiggle your air knobs?

In other news, the Air Knobbing finals are this weekend at the Brass Rail!

I like to think most do. Everyone I know actually at least performs if not improvs their sets. But every time I see clips like these of headline artists or read about the pre-recorded set pandemic, I die a little inside. Only time I used a pre-recorded was at my own wedding because I wanted to dance.

Deadmau5 was at least fairly honest and candid about this:


Jet Bin Fever
Who would've thought that lazy music for lazy people would have lazy DJs behind it?
This doesn't look like Bobina but I wouldn't put it past someone with that much fame to just phone it in whenever he feels like it.
The hallmarks of a good DJ is that their presence is generally pretty minimal. Good DJs are behind their decks, choosing songs, and immersing the venue in music. the spotlights are not pointed at them, they are not on a stage, and they are generally not the focus of the event. Some legitimately good DJs have achieved enough status that sometimes they *do* become the event, but by and large, "rockstar" DJs are shit. They have absolutely no passion for music and it shows in their shitty, unimaginative sets of whatever happens to be in the top 40 tracks on Beatport or whatever effortlessly mixed together by a computer.
If you have to DJ with thousands upon thousands of dollars of hardware, you probably aren't much of a DJ. All it takes is two or three decks (or a computer/digital setup) and maybe a multi-channel mixer hooked into the sound system and you're good to go. Added racks of fucking hardware is ridiculous. I know some DJs like this new thing of having, like, 8 decks, but it really adds nothing at all to the sets unless you are a real craftsman. (I've heard some amazing 3 and 4 turntable electro mixes) Fuck these guys and the tards who fund them and pay their salaries.
blue vein steel
Agree. The whole idea of a DJ being a star is silly. DJs should be heard and not seen. Unless you're a give-no-fucks god, like Richard James, you need to check your ego and realize that a skinny a white guy pushing buttons is not sexy.

Maggot Brain
They are obliviously in on it. Even the guys T-shirt says "Go Home!"
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