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Desc:Are you tired of doing things the way you've always done them
Category:Advertisements, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:failure, phone, stupid people, Gilbert Gottfried, white people
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Comment count is 28
That guy
The load screen already has me exasperated.
by :45 I was ready to kill (again)

Boomer The Dog
I think EIT did a better job with this theme, 'give up!' but this is good too, and I like the name 'struggles compilation'.

I love taking showers that turn into baths! I used to stop up my tub specifically for that purpose; I miss doing that, now that my apartment's only got a shower stall, and can't imagine anyone who owns a tub/shower combo buying a product which disables that perk.
The Mothership
They're all so similar; is the same company behind each one, or is there some deeply rooted ur-text to ads for a certain type of product?
I imagine all these struggles happening to the same family.
Sitcom gold.
infinite zest
That.. is actually the best idea I've heard in a long time. Do you remember Chris Elliot's Action Family? Sort of the same idea but with the normal pratfalls happening in every scene. I'm actually really serious here: this would be a great show. I put something on poe's facebook a while back about a poe show, but this is already writing itself in my head. Let's be famous TeenerTot!

You could remake "Some Mothers Do 'ave Em", the much beloved British show that's basically the show you described.

of course there's a subreddit

Caminante Nocturno

You are huge! That means you have huge guts.

Prickly Pete
I could watch a compilation of this for 4 hours. But they're missing my favorite one: the guy who puts the q-tip in his ear and then screams and stares at it like it double crossed him.
infinite zest
I wanted to comment on this, but it's so much hassle. This took me all day, and I missed several job interviews. C'mon poetv!
Do you love commenting? Sure, we all do! But who has the time?

That guy
The typing, the griping
The mousing, the grousing
What about misreplying to the wrong thread?
You can't edit that, sigh- you'll wish you're long dead.

BUT WAIT, now there's bo-news!
All you need is an anus!

infinite zest
Getting in the internet is so tough, especially when you're using your right hand to masturbate furiously. Who has the time for all those doctors' appointments? Finally there is a solution!

soihgf h;oal

Those darn keyboards! So hard to get the right letter!
dammit. meant as a reply to IZ above.

That guy
Way to misreply.

Do you have trouble with clicking on the PoeTV "reply" button?

Constantly forgetting what website you're posting a comment to?

Fed up with all those lousy Internet people?

Why not try... GOING OUTSIDE?

infinite zest
FACT: 2 in every 6 people will reply to the wrong comment every day. But there's one easy solution that Chet doesn't want you to know about

-1 for unnecessary and annoying intro.
and spectacularly incompetent editing.

That guy

I wish I knew what some of these things are.
It takes effort to miss a strainer like that.
I love these, I just wish my favorite one of all time was on there. It was for some pasta spoon that take temperatures, featuring this woman testing her pasta by throwing a massive handful at the ceiling, then turning to look at the camera with frustration just before in lands on her head a few seconds later.
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