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Sexy Duck Cop - 2015-04-12

I paid my way through community college by tutoring in English, and about 80% of my students were Persian. They were the most comically over-the-top friendly people you could ever imagine. Imagine Ned Flanders with a portable fruit tray and an ideological insistence on overpaying you for for your work. They were smart, polite, well-educated, liberal, and generous to a fault.

Of all the nations in the Middle East we could plausibly enlist as allies, Iran would be near the top of the list. Yeah, a tiny circle of mullahs at the top are batshit crazy, but there's an extremely solid foundation of intelligent, middle-class, cosmopolitan Persians who are very, very interested in building a stronger rapport with the US, on the condition that we stop treating them like cavemen eating their own boogers. It's a pretty reasonable accommodation, really.

Cena_mark - 2015-04-12

Do they call themselves Persians because Iranian has become somewhat of a bad word in this country?

baleen - 2015-04-12

Yeah. It's important to note that a lot of the best and brightest Persians were all booted out of Iran by Khomeini. That's why you get Nobel prize level Iranian poets and humanities professors working as parking lot attendants in Tulsa.

Cena_mark - 2015-04-12

If Republicans have their way and go to war with Iran, they'll come out of it wondering why the deficit is so high.

Hooker - 2015-04-12

Just unreal that they're trying to play the nuclear holocaust card in 2015.

Cena_mark - 2015-04-12

The subtle mushroom cloud at the end is very Lyndon Johnson's "Daisy."

Jet Bin Fever - 2015-04-12

Yes, yes... fight amongst yourselves. It PLEASES me.

infinite zest - 2015-04-12

Just in time for me to chime in about Hillary's campaign, unsurprisingly announced today. Since campaigns are all about muckraking and whatnot, let's see: Republicans had fun with Obama's citizenship and such, and made a mountain out of a molehill based on his last name. Let's see.. Hillary.. let's see.. Vince Foster, Monica Lewinsky, two names we kind of forgot about. Oh well, it should be an interesting ride.

spikestoyiu - 2015-04-13


Oscar Wildcat - 2015-04-13


zerobackup - 2015-04-14


yogarfield - 2015-04-12

Wake me up when this is all over.

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