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Desc:Jason Statham was weird in the 90s
Category:Humor, Horror
Tags:90s, embarrassing, jason statham, Crap Techno
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Comment count is 12
Oh my.
Why he's a lyrical Jesse James!
Jet Bin Fever
Hey, Boss Drum rules! And Mr. C and company are leading the shamanic anarchistic archaic revival.

I have everything the Shamen did. I was really into Ebenezer Goode during a formative time in my life. This era (En-tact, Boss Drum) was their best.
YEAAH!!! Thanks!!!
infinite zest
Jesus. It's like Primal Scream and KLF drank during pregnancy.
Meh...they were better before Will Sinn died, but it's hard to hate on them.
It sounds like a significantly less embarrassing version of something off of Zooropa.

I never really paid attention to them, I kind of associated them more with the 80s garage rock revival because of their image at the time. I had no idea.

infinite zest
Interesting. They're very drug positive and even had Terence McKenna on a track. I could imagine them being pretty good, like The Happy Mondays, until the drugs had their way.

Their early stuff up until En Tact (which I think was their peak album) was in that grey area between goth/industrial and the up and coming electronic dance movement coming out of England. Their early, forgotten stuff is pretty quintessential English industrial, in my opinion. After Sinn died, they kind went down that generic electronic drug/rave culture sell-out route that a lot of bands did, which turned a lot of their older fans like me off. I don't begrudge them, I guess, that era was a weird time for electronic music, but I still think it's a classic example of a band trying to be more "weird and out there" and it actually having the reverse effect on their music.

Another perfect example of what I'm talking about from that area/era was Renegade Soundwave.

infinite zest
Yeah their early stuff really does sound nothing like this. Kinda sounds like Jesus & Mary Chain or Echo and the Bunnymen or Stone Roses. Wouldn't be the first time. Give somebody who hasn't heard Primal Scream and play Screamadelica and XTRMNTR. Unless you really recognize Bobby Gillespie's voice, you wouldn't think they were the same band.

infinite zest
Actually some of the songs I've heard off their first album I REALLY like! I was a few years too young to really get into the whole Taking Drugs to Make Music To thing but it's weird how there was such a split mid-90s, at least musically speaking.

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