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Desc:A mock trailer for a 'The Spirit' film by a young Brad Bird and his friends at CalArts.
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Trailers
Tags:80s, animation, brad bird, The Spirit, Will Eisner
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B. Weed
Ah, what could have been.
infinite zest
Aw shit. I saw a trailer for the new Mission Impossible movie and I thought Brad Bird was still attached to the franchise. Ghost Protocol was about 2 billion times better than it ought to have been. Instead, he's doing Tomorrowland. Yeah, like the ride at Disneyland.
infinite zest
Oh well, looks like it's the guy who did Jack Reacher. I kind of loved that movie. Maybe you shouldn't trust me about Mission Impossible 4 either.

Imagineering is an honor like being knighted by the Queen of England. I'd take Tomorrowland over literally any other honor American culture has. Congressional Medal of Honor? Purple Heart? Oscar?

Nope, Imagineer.

I love Brad Bird's work, but why do people like "The Spirit" so much? Is it because of its historical context and the artist who did it? I ask because the actual Spirit comics I've read just seem awfully dull. A cop "dies" via suspended animation and decides to start fighting crime from the cemetery.

I just can't get into it. The concept and execution make Dick Tracy read like "The Wire."
infinite zest
Yeah it's more about The Spirit's place in comic book history and its influence that makes it so treasured. I was reading Michael Chabon's "The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay" at the time a touring art museum exhibit on comics was in my town. So it was folks like Spigelman, Crumb, and of course, Eisner: people who in one way or another influenced how comics are enjoyed today (sorry, no Stan Lee) kind of like Harold Blume's "Anxiety of Influence" but for comics. Personally I haven't read a single page of The Spirit outside of what I saw at the museum, but it's pretty much responsible for things like Sin City, and politically-charged fake characters like Kavalier and Clay's Escapist among many others.

I'm trying to think of a good analogy for other mediums, but the only one I can come up with is The French Connection or Riefenstal's Olympia: it's actually a pretty dumb plot and Nazi propaganda respectively, but we wouldn't have car chase scenes or watch sports the same way without them.

They're executed with wit and panache!

5 stars for HOW FUCKING STUPID "The Spirit" is as both an original concept and executed film.
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