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Desc:Looks surprisingly like a Troma film
Category:Horror, Trailers
Tags:slasher, Larry King, 5 second films
Submitted:Gunny McRifleson
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Comment count is 15
Geez, Oswalt's in everything these days.
Gunny McRifleson
He actually invested in it.

The Mothership
I like it, but it also seems like it's trying a little too hard.
The Mothership
Also, Jesus Gunny McRifleson, what is it with lurkers coming out of the woodwork recently? Have you been here with us the whole time, silently watching?

Can't speak for the others, but I lurked for about two months before I got around to making an account.

Who are you? I NEED AN ADULT

I am an adult. *nods suggestively*

We'd welcome you properly, but Chet outlawed hazing back in 2005 after superfister69 sucked that guy off to death. Jizz in, jizz out.

Two Jar Slave
I lurked since Garbage Day before getting an account last month. Also, this movie looks bad but cuts a fun trailer.

Gunny McRifleson
I posted back in the POE-Red/News days. I visted here years ago, then started up again a few months back.

I never liked the guy who crushed people's heads.

Chocolate Jesus
looks surprisingly like shit

Caminante Nocturno
I have this on Betamax. I can't remember how I got it. Every time I try to remember, I pass out.
Rodents of Unusual Size
Does Patton Oswalt every deserve less than five stars? The answer is always no.
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