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Desc:Bayonet's His TV
Category:General Station
Tags:bayonet, streamer
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Comment count is 13
spoilers in tags

Also who the fuck wants to sit right next to a gigantic 70"-or-whatever TV all the time? It's not like it improves the movie watching experience.
Forget sitting next to it. Who would want to own one? I was angry enough when my wife wanted to spend 0 on a 27 inch TV. THEY CAN'T EVEN SHOOT LASERS!

He should be sitting about 140", almost 12 feet, away from that tv to comfortably watch it.

er, spoiler in description. Which I guess is a sort of a tag, in an ontological sense.

I just spent 0 on a 27" computer monitor...worth it.

Binro the Heretic
My truck cost 00.

Some people have too much fucking money.
Not necessarily, he might just waste money on stuff he doesn't need while being extremely cheap in every other part of his life.

Plus, being a single shut-in with any job is an easy way to save up money.

THIS is the kind of person you should actively make fun of for their interest in guns. Someone bound to fucking shoot their neighbor on accident.
The Mothership
don't buy it for a second.
That guy
A bayonet owns his tv?
A guy who streams video games and listens to Blind Guardian would keep a bayonet on a mosin just to show off.
I find it karmically amusing that he busted his 00 70" TV with a Mosin Nagant. Stalin would be proud.
Jet Bin Fever
Thank god it wasn't a dog or cat instead.
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