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Desc:Jimmy Kimmel shares angry anti-vaxx tweets and then trolls the movement even harder.
Category:Humor, Science & Technology
Tags:Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Kimmel Live, vaccinations, confident Internet supermommies
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But how does he know that pancakes don't make you gay?
infinite zest
I live in-between a 24 hour hotcake house and a strip club. Not sure, but those pancakes definitely made me curious.

Well I bet if you looked at all the people who are gay, most of them have probably eaten pancakes in their lives. Also, there are more gay people now than there were before pancakes, I'm pretty sure, based on how many people are openly gay. Checkmate, big pancake industry.

infinite zest
I've mentioned it before, but you notice how cases of DD/IDs happen more in affluent areas (like rich parts of LA etc.) than they do in, say, Inglewood. That's because you've got the money to go out and drink every night. A random hookup resulting in pregnancy can go unnoticed for weeks while you continue to drink. Then you hopefully stop, but the damage is done. The most obvious result is FAS but you could link other IDs to it as well, commonly known as FASDs. That, and even if you read it on the fucking internet, the internet also says that the doctor who said it is no longer a fucking doctor.
infinite zest
So In Playboy Playmate I Had A Crush On In High School And Masturbated Furiously To We Trust.

infinite zest
Can't believe she's a vegan like me. Imma eat a steak tonight. Jenny McCarthy makes me an animal murderer like vaccines give kids autism. #logicbitch

Kimmel is giving these people way too much credit with regard to correcting their spelling and punctuation errors in his reading.

The man-on-the-street routine is kind of weak, too, but stars for the tweeds, some of the interviewees, and for Jimmy giving the anti-vax people exactly as much respect as they deserve.
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