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Desc:Vader van doodgereden kindje gooit een stoel naar de rechter, na het vonnis.
Category:Accidents & Explosions, News & Politics
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Comment count is 9
Minus 1 ghost star for incorrect tag. It's the Netherlands.
are they laughing or are they crying?

this is the question.
Since he killed a baby, I imagine it's the latter.

ah, googling "netherlands killed a baby court chair" provides all of the answers. thanks. that is rightly fucked.

unrelated, but have you been to nate's?

5 for the aftermath shot at the end.
Dude just up and flung his stool.
Maggot Brain
Wat een ezel.
MacGyver Style Bomb
It's Vader Time!
Dupe dupe dupe dupe dupe dupe....dupe dupe.
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