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Desc:The whole record is now here: http://www.poetv.com/video.php?vid=144219
Category:Nature & Places
Tags:poetry, old men, necrophilia, cussin, just plain filthy
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old granny cripplecunt
This really is just about the bet record I own.

please upload more

if you put the whole thing on youtube, you may be eligible for a Nobel Prize

I will. These aren't my transfers, someone has a web site with some of the tracks on it and I stole those. I'll upload a much better version this week, hopefully tonight.


this really is awesome

Getting ready to transfer it now. The down side is I've been on DMCA probation for like 8 years so I can't upload the whole thing as one video, but I should be able to get it all in four parts.

I was wrong, I just needed to bite the bullet and verify my account, should be able to upload the whole thing in a few minutes.

infinite zest
Hehe. It's more a reply to the video directly below this, but my dad used to sing Strawberry Roan with other dirty lyrics when we were out camping and stuff. Didn't really know the etymology of the song. I'd get it for him because his birthday's coming up in a couple of days, but all sources point to "sold out." This compilation would probably be the best present I've ever given to him, and I'll definitely second that nobel prize thing.

infinite zest
yay! Reloaded front page right after I typed this and there it was! Also forgot to star.

if only we had these lyrics on a song-poem record.

The Mothership
make a dead man come.
I'm partial to "her titties look just like a hornet's nest" myself.

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