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Desc:Laments churches leaving a hate group, the Faithful Word Baptist Church directory
Category:Religious, Crime
Tags:Bible, gay, Christian, capital punishment, fellowship
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Comment count is 8
Oscar Wildcat - 2015-04-21
What's wrong with wanting to stone gay men? It's legal now, and hash oil and edibles mean you don't even need to smoke!
TeenerTot - 2015-04-21
persecution = not being able to stone people
soft-spined = not wanting to stone people
Anaxagoras - 2015-04-21
He's right about one thing: some people do avoid being open about their bigotry for chickenshit reasons.

But he misses an even more important point: I bet some of those people that "broke fellowship" did so because they realized that "the fellowship" had abhorrent, repulsive beliefs.
Killer Joe - 2015-04-21
Still just can't get past Leviticus, huh?
So why aren't the Jews so hung up on all the old testament stuff? I'd really like to know.
That guy - 2015-04-21
They're selectively hung up on it, be fair.

dairyqueenlatifah - 2015-04-21
You just thought that Fred Phelps was dead, huh?

I just don't understand why "OLD TESTAMENT FUCK YEAH" fundies like this are so...selective about it. Like, how do they choose from the old testament what's like "Yeah this is TOTALLY essential to follow" and what's like "Pfff this is just old Jew law that doesn't apply anymore!"

This guy is obviously one of said cherry pickers, even if his whole blowhard schtick is that the old testament is to be followed to the letter. Otherwise he'd have a very different haircut and/or put himself to death already. I also wonder if he'll invite all the people in his neighborhood to stone his kids to death if they ever get out of line. I also wonder how you reconcile "Thy shall not kill" with "Thy shall kill homos, adulterers, unruly children, people who fuck animals, people who cut the hair on their temples, and people who mow the lawn on Sunday."

I assume if I were to ask him he'd just tell me I was a filthy heathen incapable of understanding the scripture.

Nominal - 2015-04-22
The movie Agora had a good speech justifying that.

misterbuns - 2015-04-21
messy ass queen
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