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Desc:Marvel's 'Avengers: Age of Ultron'
Category:Trailers, Humor
Tags:Thor, hammer, Avengers, Age of Ultron, A:AOU
Submitted:Albuquerque Halsey
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Comment count is 23
And then they all went and buttfucked each other again and again and again the end
Especially ScarJo.

Corpus Delectable
One suspension of disbelief too far.
Prickly Pete
Jesus Christ, this isn't going to be in the movie is it?
How awful. This movie is still going to make a mint though because there are millions of people dumb enough to enjoy it.
That guy
Then Joss Whedon cuts to a trim, femmy lesbian holding it over her head.

I can't figure out how to rate this.
I'm looking forward to She-Hulk too!

That guy
It looks like SolRo likes this, so just to be safe, I'll 1-star it.

Fuck you emo bastards.

This is the kind of campy fun I want out of a superhero movie.

If a recent batman and/or superman movie did this, it would be 30 minutes of moping about the duality of society and how no one is ever truly completely good or evil
Prickly Pete
For me, the fact that it's silly isn't what's bothering me, it's that it's a Goddamn waste of time. Is the movie going to be 4 hours long if there's shit like this in it?

Looks like it's the goofy after-credits scene

The Mothership
That wasn't exciting. Was that supposed to be exciting?
I'm so glad I grew up on anime and vidya games, rather than American comicbooks. They'll never make a Ranma 1/2 movie this stupid!
There's a 'murican ghost in the shell starting filming next year


The cast will be whiter than the country music awards

Five stars for this making up my mind about not seeing the movie.

At least the kind of wretchedness of Bats vs Supes is something I'll enjoy (for the wrong reasons). This is just Friends.
Lame, but I did sort of like the part where Captain America makes the hammer move just a little bit and for a moment a "uh oh" expression flashes across Thor's face.

Besides that, nothing about that is a positive for me. But hey, in this film they'll get to trash tons of lookalike CGI robots, instead of lookalike CGI aliens like in the last film. So that's...something. I suppose.
Early reviews are saying that the movie is almost identical in pacing and structure to the first one and Loki and the Chitauri have just been swapped out with Ultron and his clones. The entire third act is apparently almost exactly the same structure-wise. Can't say I'm surprised.

No doubt later in the film, Cap will lift the hammer when his motives are right.

In the comics, Cap is one of the very few who can pick up the hammer, and he's not afraid to talk smack to Odin either:

http://arousinggrammar.com/2012/07/05/the-avengers-fight-nazi- mechs/
I like this.
cut to Kat Dennings mugging to "Hammertime"
Jet Bin Fever
Just because something exists doesn't mean we should post it up here.
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