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Desc:With a supporting argument from a broadway musical
Category:Religious, News & Politics
Tags:marriage, gay, Christian, broadway, proof
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Comment count is 13
il fiore bel
Oh, I get it! He's saying God is a hermaphrodite!

So what happens with all the leftover ishshahs in all the traditional polygamous marriages, anyway?
He's getting all pre-Nicean Creed there.

Absolutely nothing he said in this argument is factual.
That guy
BUT it's so witty!

What the hell is that iron cross looking flag in the back left? (0:12)
The whole conditioning by making the audience repeat on command is so great.
So is this guy's Bible some sort of fun kids' activity book full of word searches and puzzles?
il fiore bel
Yes. But with more penises and vaginas. And intense burning.

Marriage isn't just some social construct that can be changed. You can see this through the a bunch of bullshit about the Hebrew language, which is entirely natural and immutable and not invented by people.
Do these people actually believe marriage was invented by the jewish or even christians and didn't exist before those particular religions?
Not to mention cultures that don't have marriage or have different types of marriage than just a single man and single woman.

Binro the Heretic
"Chewbacca...is a wookie, but he LIVES....on the moon of Endor. WHY...would Chewbacca, an eight-foot-tall wookie, wanna MARRY...a four-foot tall ewok?"
worthy of the chewbacca defense tag.

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