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Desc:'That me secret: Me always hungry.'
Category:Educational, Humor
Tags:Sesame Street, cookie monster, Avengers, The Aveggies
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I still haven't seen any post Henson muppet stuff that I can get behind, even the best of it it lacks vision, and then there's Animal doing a beer bong.
Grandmaster Funk
For a while now, facebook has added a "Satire" label to articles from The Onion. I'm heartened because I don't think the people that need that message even know what the word "satire" means.

Yeah, I've noticed that. Another in the long list of reasons I finally quit.

People that need a "satire" label frankly deserve to be fooled. Maybe they'll learn to be less credulous.

I don't even mean "deserve" in a punitive sense, either, I mean that they deserve better than to be left so unchallenged and vulerable that an onion article needs to be labeled for them.

Of course, "unchallenged and vulnerable" is the perfect consumer, so it's no surprise that social marketing platforms would foster it.

infinite zest
I think the "Parody" part of Sesame Street is about all it's got left: the target audience is not going to appreciate this, only the parents/legal guardians. It's kind of like when Disney started inserting adult jokes into their movies that no child would get. A parent has so many options now for educational TV learning, and that doesn't even include the lazy route of all the Youtube channels devoted to public domain songs like "Wheels on the Bus" etc. I've bitched before that kids won't learn a damn thing from this, but if it's keeping Sesame Street alive, then I guess it's all good.

I liked it when they started making fun of the Green Arrow. He's by far the worst Avenger.

infinite zest
God.. I didn't stick around 'til the end.. Game of Thrones? Really? Let's see what else.. Dallas Counters Playbook where the Count does too much counting and gets a disease that makes him unable to count anymore from counting with Grover dressed up like a woman? Didn't they do a Wolf of Wall Street parody too?

infinite zest
Daddy? What's "metaphor?" You see Dakota, the "Cookies" are "Qualuudes."

Shoebox Joe
Hey now, Game of Chairs made me smile just with the name and the image of a muppet Tyrion Lannister. I didn't actually watch it, but the thought of the throne being fought over sulking cast members as they race for a seat just makes me smile.

They really should do a Game of Thrones parody to summarize the series that way. I can't stand the thought of binge watching shows, whether or not they're intentionally made for binge watching, anymore.

infinite zest
It was funny, but once again, it's totally intended for adults (or "cool" parents who let their kids watch it, but there's a line that even I'd not cross when it comes to exposing young kids to such violent subject matter.) I was talking to a friend of mine who's a young bartender who made a Robot Chicken costume for her 2 year-old. I was like "cute" and she was like "yeah she totally loves that show." Really? Yeah it's a cartoon but it's pretty fucking violent. So who knows? But I remember when I was a kid there was controversy over the inevitable star wars tie-in where C3PO and R2 get lost in Sesame Street because of the PG-rated violence in Star Wars. Children are going to be interested in what the parodies are actually parodying, and finding clips on Youtube are a lot easier than somehow sneaking out an R-rated movie from the video store.. oh well. I don't have kids so I'm not judging, and it's not like kids who DO get exposed to stuff are going to grow up taking all of those violent tendencies with them, but 1-5 is a very influential age when it comes to behavior you exhibit later in life.

Bon Bon's head looks like poo.
This was just tedious.
Fuck y'all, I loved it!
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