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Grandmaster Funk - 2015-05-01

There's a brand of frozen food called Iceland? Is that a half-hearted attempt to put a shine on freezer burn or something? Also, not impressed, there are surely people going months on this garbage.

The Mothership - 2015-05-01

Iceland is a British chain of stores that only sells frozen, canned and prepared foods, all with their own brand. Most of it is pretty awful.

EvilHomer - 2015-05-01

It's like Trader Joes for chavs and OAPs.

EvilHomer - 2015-05-01

Chicken Tikka Lasagna sounds delicious! I'm totally going to make that tonight.

EvilHomer - 2015-05-01

"first world problems" tag?

infinite zest - 2015-05-01

Fuck yea it's first world problems homie. When I worked at a movie theatre all we had was a freezer a microwave and a popcorn machine, and you don't really get to leave the premises. 10/ Michelinas' frozen dinners and popcorn were pretty much my meal sfor 2 years.

EvilHomer - 2015-05-01

Actually, I'm not even sure this qualifies as a first world problem. First world problems are usually annoyances that, whilst relatively petty, are still at least partially outside of one's control - things like having shitty wi-fi service, or accidentally tweeting a sexy selfie. This week of binge-eating, however, is a problem entirely of his own making, a social experiment voluntarily entered upon for no other reason than he *can* do it, and it is entertaining to watch. He doesn't HAVE to eat these microwave meals. He's got plenty of other food at his house; it is entirely his choice, both to eat and then to gripe about eating.

Half-world problems, maybe?

infinite zest - 2015-05-01

Yeah, it's just stupid. I mean, Morgan Spurlock did the same thing, and even though I thought it was stupid it was pretty interesting to, hate to say, see it happen to someone else: it was like watching me in reverse (in middle school every day was McDonalds.) When I worked at the Veterans Hospital, we had the option of overpriced Aramark food or we'd bring it from home. The nearest place was a Subway half a mile away, so I COULD've tried the Jared diet, but everyone just brought their own stuff. This is dumb like the week I noticed that beer has 150 calories and 1 gram of protein, so I figured I'd see how long I could exist by drinking nothing but beer and not eating anything. I mixed with orange juice so that's kind of cheating but I made it 5 days. I don't recommend it.

EvilHomer - 2015-05-01

I ate Aramark food pretty much every day from the time I was 3 until the time I was 18. Aramark used to provide all the food to the prep school I grew up at, so every day it was dinner at the dining hall, every day it was Aramark buffet. I love that stuff; I'll sometimes stumble across a certain meatball or cut of turkey or weird rice gloop at the VA, and have to go down to the kitchens to ask what Aramark bag it came out of/ how I can get some for my home.

I really wish they'd do individual sales for residential customers.

infinite zest - 2015-05-01

Yeah, we got leftovers from the buffets before the opera; I'm vegan so I have weird tastes. The greens was good but mixed with siriacha and BBQ sauce..

John Holmes Motherfucker - 2015-05-01

For a brief fleeting moment, it used to be that FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS was something people used to gently upbraid themselves for buying into the drama. Then suddenly, the whole thing jumped the tracks. People started using it to trivialize other people's concerns. When you live in the first world, accusing other people of having "first world problems" is just stupid.

EXCEPT for the guy who makes a documentary about eating frozen food for a week. I can't fault Infinite zest for that. That's what you call "a special case".. But most of the time, I have a little saying:

We live here.
We have problems.
Fuck you.

fluffy - 2015-05-01

oh god fuck aramark so fucking hard

chumbucket - 2015-05-01

Also take into account it's British frozen food.

Accidie - 2015-05-01

I've lived for months off of dehydrated meals. This is the only argument that cringed me.

Prickly Pete - 2015-05-01

Brings back bad memories. Growing up, my single parent dad never cooked, so I was eating fast food for dinner every day for years. More power to him, at least he was feeding us, but it was always a matter of him calling on his way home from work and asking where we wanted him to get food. So naturally when I went to college I knew nothing of nutrition and literally survived on a diet of fast food, lunch meat, hot dogs, ramen noodles, and frozen dinners. So many frozen dinners. Particularly Hot Pockets. I would buy Hot Pockets by the big ass box. I never had a fruit or vegetable, save for an occasional glass of orange juice and the lettuce/tomato that comes on drive thru hamburgers. After I graduated I started being more careful about what I ate, but until about 3 years ago I was still doing a pretty half assed job. But since then I've probably reduced my fast food intake by at least 80%, eat fruits and vegetables on the reg, and I'm damn sure never eating another hot pocket in my life.

Mr. Purple Cat Esq. - 2015-05-01

Out of curiousity, and forgive my impertinence, but are you fat or not fat?

Prickly Pete - 2015-05-01

Thanks for asking, cause I was gonna get into that but didn't want to ramble TOO much. Anyway, I'm fat in the stomach, but with clothes on nobody would ever know. I'm kinda scrawny everywhere else but I drank so much for so many years that I gained a wicked gut. But since late 2012 I've been much more conscious about what I eat and wouldn't you know it, since then I have lost 40+ pounds (which nobody can tell, because it's all in my gut. All non-gut areas appear as they always did...). Who would've guessed that the secret to losing weight is to eat a balanced diet? I'm 6' and 180 pounds so I'm definitely not America fat, but thanks to my remaining gut poundage I'm still probably, like, France fat.

John Holmes Motherfucker - 2015-05-01

I'm America fat. I don't know if Nature is being cruel or kind here, but when you're fat and you're a man, you don't look all that fat from your own perspective, Looking down from on top of my body, I'm 80s Sean Connery.

The God of Biscuits - 2015-05-01

Holy shit, 2.2 GRAMS of salt in that muffin alone. That is almost an entire day's worth.

Oscar Wildcat - 2015-05-01

That's about 1/2 tsp of salt. I'm surprised the thing doesn't taste briny. I use about that much in a batch of 12 biscuits ( in terms near and dear to your heart no doubt )

infinite zest - 2015-05-01

Thus Sayeth the God of Biscuits. The biggest shock for me was when I was on an airplane and ordered a bloody mary, and they just serve it with the full can of tomato juice. I was halfway done pouring when I noticed the sodium and it was something like 2,000 grams. Holy shit, I thought, that's almost an entire day's worth. That was for half the can. I just drank the vodka straight and haven't ordered a bloody mary since.

Oscar Wildcat - 2015-05-01

WOW! That's 21 cups of salt. Did they just dribble the tomato juice over a basketball sized single crystal, or was it a fused mass of the salt.

EvilHomer - 2015-05-01

Canned vegetables are notoriously high in salt; it's for preservation, IIRC. We get a lot of old people with high blood pressure at the VA, and salt from canned vegetables is one of the main culprits.

FABIO - 2015-05-01

I just heard about this new "Soylent" product that's like a protein shake but supposedly contains all the caloric and nutrition you need to act as a total food replacement. I'm an anti-foodie and hate cooking so the idea sounded appealing but I'm suspecting total bullshit.

Looking at their page, each 500 calorie serving is 37% your daily recommended fat requirement. That...doesn't sound like a healthy food replacement.

fluffy - 2015-05-01

Well, that does sound about right if you're on a 1500-calorie diet.

dairyqueenlatifah - 2015-05-01

Chris-Chan can relate.

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