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Desc:Kristen Wiig clearly has never seen Game of Thrones
Category:Humor, Arts
Tags:dragons, Jimmy Fallon, kristen wiig, Game of Thrones, complete idiocy
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Comment count is 17
She's more of a Katy Perry than an Emilia Clarke.
Is it just me or does Kristen Wiig look like Jennifer Aniston?
infinite zest
In looks and mannerisms, and unfortunately more fun in real life or on talk shows than whatever shitty movie she's in at the moment.. Yeah just like Jennifer Aniston!

She's wearing a wig and also her name is "wig."
infinite zest
the baby looked at you?

Her whole "thing" on SNL was wigs and "funny" voices.

Isn't that everyone's thing on SNL?

Fallon's thing was constantly breaking and mugging for the camera.

Sexy Duck Cop
Laughing at your own jokes stops being charming when it prevents you from telling any.
That guy
Tell that to like 15-20 years of SNL cast members.

infinite zest
Or any comedians I've watched recently. What's with laughing at your own jokes when it's rehearsed and it's your 50th time doing the same routine and just changing the name of the city at the beginning? The only person who gets to do that is Bill Hicks. Laughing at your own jokes after that many times is like applauding for yourself after performing a solo in a touring musical.

I got Jimmy Fallon the Tonight Show gig.

That guy
No, I think infinite zest did that.

Jet Bin Fever
This is the worst thing. I appreciate you sharing it, but I can't give it more than 1 star on principle.
Yeah, I love Kristen Wiig but this was atrocious.

Jet Bin Fever
But what about Gilly? I could never love anyone responsible for that.

Sexy Duck Cop
Yeah, the premise could be funny if both performers could stop sucking their own dicks for eight seconds

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