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Desc:Animator Expo short by the director of FLCL
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Arts
Tags:Animator Expo, I can Friday by day!, Kazuya Tsurumaki, Hajime Ueda
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Sanest Man Alive
Sanest Man Alive
I'm confused, though; I thought FLCL was Imaishi's insane baby. Was he just AD or something on that one?
infinite zest
Didn't Woody Allen do this back in the 70s with Everything You Wanted to Know About Sex? Still cute tho.
Killer Joe
I like these. They kind of remind me of when I was a much younger man and anime automatically held some deeper meaning that all the baka gaijin couldn't understand.
Then I realized most of it is horrible, and got married.
I hear you, short of all that marriage business.

I counted no less than five panty shots in this six minute short, with a color palate that looks like the 70s threw up on the 80s, with animation you could watch with shockwave on a PC from 20 years ago with no noticeable difference, where there was absolutely no coherence to be found in anything that was going on.

So yeah, things haven't changed much since I quit anime back in the mid 2000s or so. Except Puella Magi Madoka Magica. That show was fucking rad.

infinite zest
Heh.. That sounds like me. I went from thinking Red Spectacles was pretty mainstream to DVDs of Grays anatomy no shit.

Caminante Nocturno
Y'all sound like the most boring motherfuckers on the planet, you know that?

Killer Joe
Oh, Nocturno. Its not that I walked away altogether, I don't think anyone really does, its just I've learned the difference between the shockingly repetitive themes of: WHOOPSIWALKEDINTOTHEGIRLSLOCKERROOMBYACCIDENTOHDEARTHERESTHEFEMALE INSOMESTATEOFUNDRESSPUNCHWHATACRAZYSITUATIONNOWWEHAVETODOSOMETHING TOGETHERTHISONLYHAPPENSINANIMEAMIRIGHT on the one hand and stuff like Angel's Egg on the other.
Yeah I name dropped the shit out of that.
There's art out there for sure, but jesus christ I can't be bothered to sift though that turd wasteland any more now that I can get fresh with my hot wife.

Sanest Man Alive
And how many otaku had to die from a moe leak in the anime mines to bring what you still so snootily reference to your attention? You haven't bettered yourself or your surroundings at all; you've just moved from exploited laborer to exploitive shareholder. You're still part of a toxic system that you refuse to change, and your willful complacency makes me sick.

Far as I know it's still physically possible to enjoy anime in reasonable amounts and have sex with your partner in reasonable amounts.

Binro the Heretic
The most accurate metaphor for adolescence to date.
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