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Desc:May his family line provide us with mirth for decades to come.
Category:News & Politics, Humor
Tags:Texas, ron paul, conspiracy theory, Jade Helm, right wing lunacy
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Comment count is 8
If these guys could make a rubbery mold out of liberty they would surely masturbate with it.
Our military trains all the time everywhere all around the world - Ron Paul knows this - and as the Washington Post points out, there's been plenty of training like this before.

Even if they are training to undermine civilians or planning/conducting a "takeover" or "federal control" or whatever, there are and have been plenty of experiments conducted in Israel/Palestine, Iraq, and Afghanistan that authorities and the military can, and are, learning from. Baltimore was more like a training exercise for "taking over", "oppression", and "federal control".

But I see all they had to say about Baltimore was "What would MLK say?"
I read a bit about Jade Helm and watched a few unhinged videos. I am almost convinced the administration is doing this for the sole purpose of whipping the loonies into a frenzy.
Shanghai Tippytap
remember when the right was pretty well convinced that Obama was sending US soldiers to Africa so that they'd deliberately contract ebola and spread it throughout the United States? or when they believed that the reason the mexican border children were being processed as refugees was for the purpose of spreading plague and disease to white people?

when all these doomsayers' make-believe apocalypses come and go, do they ever look back and think 'wow it was crazy that I wholeheartedly believed something so nutty; I'd better reconsider any other beliefs that I may have formed based on a fallacious assumption'?

they were certain Obama's election meant that gun rights were going to be taken away

absolutely certain of it

why does repeated unambiguous evidence to the contrary do nothing to even slightly shift one's world view?

Rodents of Unusual Size
I am confused by it. Did they ever do exercises like this in WWII? As far as I know they have always kept exercises like this to army bases.

Also wouldn't this possibly result in a lot of lawsuits if people just wander into their games?

Rodents of Unusual Size
also Ron Paul is a racist asshole who wants to get rid of affordable healthcare but I still trust him above the CIA.

Obama is like the Wile E. Coyote of gun confiscation.

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