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Desc:A woman wins at The Price is Right
Category:Classic TV Clips
Tags:game show, drew carey, bob barker, the price is right
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Comment count is 20
Well, fuck. That's the worst pre-load ever.
That guy
more of a brunette fan, huh?

2/10 would not bang

They need ADA ramps for the stage.

I just have to wonder what the crap was going on in Debra's mind at the beginning. Somebody has no idea how to do strategy.
Producers in the back going, "oh shi- no, wait, we're okay."
A treadmill? Jesus. Did she get a ski vacation for the showcase?
Jet Bin Fever
It would've been worse had they done something differently. Whatever contestant plays wins that thing. It would've be worse had they said, "OH WAIT... BUT YOU CAN'T WALK, I'M SORRY" She could have a husband that wants to work out you know, or she could sell the damned thing.
infinite zest
I assume lots of wheelchair bound people use treadmills actually. It's just forward momentum and good exercise.

why would she sell it?

Yeah, or maybe if she exercised more, she wouldn't need to be so fat and wheel-chairy.

Think about it.

Jet Bin Fever
haha, damnit guys.

People don't take the prizes anyway -- they take the equivalent in cash.

Otherwise they'd have a bunch of useless crap they'd have to ship home, and in April there'd be a big tax bill for all of it.

infinite zest
Really? A friend of my brother's was on the Price is Right in college and won a washing machine or something but then lost. He lived in the dorm and it was completely pointless (and would take up half of the dorm room), but legally he couldn't sell it. I think he had it shipped to his parents address.

Grandmaster Funk
I also remember reading back in the day that cash value was an option, which would be a no-brainer, but then I've read some testimonials from ex-contestants saying they had to deal with the goods--distinctly remember some of them talking about selling some of it, too. These policies have probably undergone change over time.

How did the Showcase Showdown go for her?
I think Drew Carey's so used to just going through the motions, he didn't even notice she was in a wheelchair.

I guess it's sort of cool game show hosts don't even have to pretend to be excited anymore.
Seven Arts/H8 Red
That's always how it is for Drew Carey. To him, everything's made up and the prizes don't matter.

5 for her sense of humor

If any reveal ever needed the Price is Right sad trombone sound more...
That would have been amazing.

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