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Desc:Sad now. RIP
Tags:rip, poetv, repomancer, weeble
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John Holmes Motherfucker
Death is an irresistable force.
The heart is an immovable object.
Mechwarrior, ChrisChan, and NoCode! That's a good legacy to leave on the internet.
Could we get a poeTV obituary for him? I never really knew him but the last few days have made me wish I did.

Oops. This is actually 7 years old.
Well, it was the last video he uploaded.

Billy the Poet
I've been wondering for a while if Repo was still around. This is sad. He was a good internet guy and a good game designer.
Shoebox Joe
Not familiar with Repomancer, but what I've seen makes me wish I was around him.
Is Jackie okay, or...?

She had some very serious health issues of her own.
Keep her away from the Tylenol.

Billy the Poet
The obit says that Yack is still kicking.

Thanks, man.

il fiore bel
That preload makes him look like the woman in the Guinness world records, the one who was famous for popping her eyes out of her sockets at will.

Only with more blue tongue.

Didn't know him but I do recall the occasional comment. RIP.
Shanghai Tippytap
i remember that his lawyer friend was married to the original pink power ranger.
When I was still at Sony, there was a time period when Repomancer was looking for work again and I nearly got him to interview there. But he had a power outage right when his phonescreen was about to start and so he had to postpone, and he never got around to rescheduling.

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